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The F2012: A new challenge for Ferrari

February 3, 2012

Ferrari F2012. © Scuderia Ferrari

Following the cancellation of their official launch party in Maranello due to poor weather, Ferrari instead released their 2012 Formula 1 machine on their site this morning.

Designed by Nicholas Tombazis, the F2012 marks Ferrari’s fifty-eighth world championship car, displaying the prominent step-nose feature seen previously with Caterham.

As with McLaren’s MP4-27 (released on Wednesday), the F2012 has undergone something of a rethink internally, with repositioned radiators, exhausts and suspension layouts all contributing to a lower centre of gravity.
The bottom of the chassis, revised sidepods and narrower rear end have all been designed to reclaim at least some of the downforce lost when hot blowing exhausts were banned at the end of 2011.

The front wing is an evolution of the controversial flapping unit that appeared on last year’s 150° Italia toward the end of the season.
Inside the machine, the Type 056 engine is an evolution of last year’s powerplant, although the electronic mapping system has received an overhaul in compliance with new regulations.

The F2012 is the first project that Technical Director Pat Fry will have overseen, since taking the position last May.
Ferrari’s last title was in 2007 with Kimi Raikkonen and the Scuderia are keenly hoping this machine will bring them success once again. For certain, the team will need to perform better than they did last year.

For the nuts and bolts of things, look to Joe Saward, Kate Walker, ManipeF1 and, of course, Autosport. For the more techy minded, there are always Racecar Engineering and Craig Scarborough.

Ferrari F2012. © Scuderia Ferrari

Ferrari F2012. © Scuderia Ferrari

Ferrari F2012. © Scuderia Ferrari

Ferrari F2012. © Scuderia Ferrari

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