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1895 I Grand Prix de l’ACF (Paris–Bordeaux–Paris Trial)

1895 I Grand Prix de l’ACF (Paris–Bordeaux–Paris Trial; February 25th, 1178km)
Pos Driver                     Entrant                 Time
 1. Emile Levassor             Panhard                 48h48m00s (24.54kph)
 2. Louis Rigoulot             Peugeot                 54h35m00
 3. Paul Koechlin              Peugeot                 59h48m00
 4. Doriot                     Peugeot                 59h49m00
 5. E. Roger                   Benz                    64h30m00
 6. Emile Mayade               Panhard                 72h14m00
 7. Boulanger                  Panhard                 78h07m00
 8. Emile Roger                Roger                   82h48m00
 9. Amédée Bollée              Bollée                  90h03m00
    Charles Prévost            Panhard                 Broken Wheel (Angouleme)
    André Michelin             Peugeot                 Tyre Trouble (Orleans)
    Léon Serpollet             Serpollet               Broken Cranckshaft (Poitiers)
    (unknown)                  Hildebrand Wolfsmuller  n/a (Angouleme)
    Fréderic                   Winke & Delmer          n/a (Angouleme)
    Comte de Chasseloup Laubat De Dion                 Broken Shaft (Vouvray)
    Charles Jeanteaud          Jeanteaud               Axle Trouble (Orleans)
    (unknown)                  Millet                  n/a (Orleans)
    (unknown)                  Serpollet               n/a (Versailles)
    Pierre Gautier             Gautier                 n/a
    (unknown)                  Rossel                  n/a
    (unknown)                  Gautier-Wehrlé          n/a

Route: Paris-Versailles-Orleans-Vouvray-Tours-Poitiers-Ruffec-Angouleme-Bordeaux and back.
Race retrospectively renamed the “I Grand Prix de l’ACF”.
As only four-seater entries were eligible, neither of the first two finishers could claim prizes due to being two-seaters.
There were 46 entrants, but only 22 starters.

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