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1895 Times-Herald Contest (Chicago)

1895 Times-Herald Contest (Chicago; November 28th, 87km)
Pos Driver           Entrant                   Time  (Average Speed)
    J. Frank Duryea                    Duryea Motor Wagon        10h23m (10.4 kph)
    Oscar Mueller/Charles Brady King   Mueller Benz              10h47m
    Henry Morris                       Morris and Salom Lundell  (Battery; 29 kms)
    Harold Sturges                     Sturgess Lundell          (Battery; 19 kms)
    Jerry O'Conner                     Macy Benz                 (unknown)
    Fredrich Haas                      De la Verge Benz          (unknown)

Race was originally to run in late October, but was delayed due to lack of ready to run machines. A consolidation event was organised for November 2nd (see entry here).
Rescheduled event had 83 initial entries, but only 6 arrived to start the race. Cars were started at one-minute intervals.
Oscar Mueller fell into unconsciousness prior to the final leg of the race. His entry was taken over by maned inventor and engineer Charles Brady King, whose own car was not completed in time to contest the event.
Both finishers were disqualified.
Race shortened to 87km due to poor weather and perceived dangers of route used in the November 2nd Expo Run.

Circuit Map:

1895 Times-Herald Contest (map)

1895 Times-Herald Contest (map)

  1. Angie permalink

    Is there any way to get a copy of the the circuit map?

    • Leigh O'Gorman permalink

      Not sure to be honest, but can have a look.

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