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World Championship for Drivers
1950 British Grand Prix                                (Rd 1, May 13th)
1950 Monaco Grand Prix                                 (Rd 2, May 21st)
1950 Indianapolis International 500 Mile Sweepstakes   (Rd 3, May 30th)
1950 Swiss Grand Prix                                  (Rd 4, June 4th)
1950 Belgian Grand Prix                                (Rd 5, June 18th)
1950 French Grand Prix                                 (Rd 6, July 2nd)
1950 Italian Grand Prix                                (Rd 7, September 3rd)

Points system:
1st place, (8 points); 2nd (6 pts); 3rd (4 pts); 4th (3 pts); 5th (2 pts).
Race points divided if drives shared.
Fastest lap (1 pt; point divided if fastest lap shared).
Only best 4 results counted toward the World Championship.

Non-Championship Races
1950 Pau Grand Prix                                    (April 10th)
1950 Richmond Trophy                                   (April 10th)
1950 San Remo Grand Prix                               (April 16th)
1950 Grand Prix de Paris                               (April 30th)
1950 British Empire Trophy                             (June 15th)
1950 Gran Premio di Bari                               (July 9th)
1950 JCC Jersey Road Race                              (July 13th)
1950 Circuit de l'Albigeois                            (July 16th)
1950 Grote Prijs van Nederland                         (July 23rd)
1950 Grand Prix des Nations                            (July 30th)
1950 Nottingham Trophy                                 (August 7th)
1950 Ulster Trophy                                     (August 12th)
1950 Coppa Acerbo                                      (August 15th)
1950 Sheffield Telegraph Trophy                        (August 19th)
1950 BRDC International Trophy                         (August 26th)
1950 Goodwood Trophy                                   (September 30th)
1950 Gran Premio de Penya Rhin                         (October 29th)

No points awarded for non-championship events.

AAA National Championship Trail
1950 Indianapolis International 500 Mile Sweepstakes   (Rd 1, May 30th)
1950 Milwaukee Mile Rex Mays Classic                   (Rd 2, June 11th)
1950 Langhorne Speedway 100                            (Rd 3, June 25th)
1950 Illinois State Fairgrounds Springfield 100        (Rd 4, August 19th)
1950 Milwaukee Mile 200                                (Rd 5, August 27th)
1950 Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb                        (Rd 6, September 4th)
1950 New York State Fairgrounds Syracuse 100           (Rd 7, September 9th)
1950 Michigan State Fairgrounds Detroit 100            (Rd 8, September 10th)
1950 Illinois State Fairgrounds Springfield 100        (Rd 9, October 1st)
1950 California State Fairgrounds Golden State 100     (Rd 10, October 15th)
1950 Arizona State Fairgrounds Phoenix 100             (Rd 11, November 12th)
1950 Bay Meadows Race Track 150                        (Rd 12, November 26th)
1950 Darlington Raceway 200                            (Rd 13, December 10th)
AAA Non-Championship Events
1950 Arlington Downs Raceway MGM Sweepstakes           (April 30th)
1950 Williams Grove Speedway Indianapolis Sweepstakes  (August 12th)
One Comment
  1. Sarah marshall permalink

    Hi. I have found a photo in my Dad’s albulm. On the back he has written Goodwood International 500 May 27th 1950 CAN May. 35, 8 Self, 15 Eric Brandon. Any ideas? Friends out for a fun day? The numbers match the car numbers on the photo.

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