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World Championship for Drivers
1951 Swiss Grand Prix                                 (Rnd 1, May 27th)
1951 Indianapolis International 500 Mile Sweepstakes  (Rnd 2, May 30th)
1951 Belgian Grand Prix                               (Rnd 3, June 17th)
1951 French Grand Prix                                (Rnd 4, July 1st)
1951 British Grand Prix                               (Rnd 5, July 14th)
1951 German Grand Prix                                (Rnd 6, July 29th)
1951 Italian Grand Prix                               (Rnd 7, September 16th)
1951 Spanish Grand Prix                               (Rnd 8, October 28th)

Points system:
1st place, (8 points); 2nd (6 pts); 3rd (4 pts); 4th (3 pts); 5th (2 pts).  Race points divided if drives shared.
Fastest lap (1 pt; point divided if fastest lap shared).
Only best 4 results counted toward the World Championship.
This was the first of only four seasons that the Monaco Grand Prix has not been part of the World Championship. The famous race was not held at all in 1951, before returning in 1952 as a non-championship sportscar event. The Monaco Grand Prix did not run in either 1953 or ’54; however the race returned in 1955 and has not left the calendar since.

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