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1980 Spanish GP (NCR)

1980 Spanish Grand Prix (Non-Championship, Qualifying, May 31st)
Pos Driver Team Time
 1 26 Jacques Laffite              Ligier-Cosworth JS11/15 '03'    1m12.64 
 2 27 Alan Jones                   Williams-Cosworth FW07B         1m13.02 
 3 25 Didier Pironi                Ligier-Cosworth JS11/15         1m13.03 
 4 28 Carlos Reutemann             Williams-Cosworth FW07B         1m13.27 
 5  5 Nelson Piquet                Brabham-Cosworth BT49           1m13.60 
 6  8 Alain Prost                  McLaren-Cosworth M29C           1m13.63 
 7  6 Ricardo Zunino               Brabham-Cosworth BT49           1m14.18 
 8 11 Mario Andretti               Lotus-Cosworth 81               1m14.24 
 9  9 Jan Lammers                  ATS-Cosworth D4                 1m14.42 
10 31 Eddie Cheever                Osella-Cosworth FA1             1m14.42 
11 29 Riccardo Patrese             Arrows-Cosworth A3              1m14.43 
12  7 John Watson                  McLaren-Cosworth M29C           1m14.57 
13 12 Elio de Angelis              Lotus-Cosworth 81               1m14.58 
14 30 Jochen Mass                  Arrows-Cosworth A3              1m14.80 
15  3 Jean-Pierre Jarier           Tyrrell-Cosworth 010            1m14.82 
16  4 Derek Daly                   Tyrrell-Cosworth 010            1m14.96 
17 34 Emilio de Villota            Williams-Cosworth FW07          1m15.04 
18 21 Keke Rosberg                 Fittipaldi-Cosworth F7          1m15.10 
19 20 Emerson Fittipaldi           Fittipaldi-Cosworth F7          1m15.17 
20 17 Geoff Lees                   Shadow-Cosworth DN12            1m15.70 
21 14 Patrick Gaillard             Ensign-Cosworth N180            1m15.95 
22 18 David Kennedy                Shadow-Cosworth DN12            1m16.44
Did Not Qualify
      Jody Scheckter               Ferrari 312 T5                  Withdrawn
      Gilles Villeneuve            Ferrari 312 T5                  Withdrawn
      Jean-Pierre Jabouille        Renault RE23                    Withdrawn
      René Arnoux                  Renault RE24                    Withdrawn
      Patrick Depailler            Alfa Romeo 179 '3'              Withdrawn
      Bruno Giacomelli             Alfa Romeo 179 '4'              Withdrawn
      Vittorio Brambilla           Alfa Romeo 179 '1'              Withdrawn
      Eliseo Salazar               RAM Williams-Cosworth FW07      Did Not Arrive
      Brian Henton                 Ensign-Cosworth MN180           Did Not Arrive
1980 Spanish Grand Prix (Non-Championship, 80 laps, June 1st)
Pos Driver Team Time / Gap
 1 Alan Jones                   Williams-Cosworth FW07B         1h43m14.076s
 2 Jochen Mass                  Arrows-Cosworth A3              1h44m05.016s
 3 Elio de Angelis              Lotus-Cosworth 81               1h44m26.347s
 4 Jean-Pierre Jarier           Tyrrell-Cosworth 010                  +1 lap
 5 Emerson Fittipaldi           Fittipaldi-Cosworth                   +1 lap 
 6 Patrick Gaillard             Ensign-Cosworth N180                 +5 laps
Not Classified
 7 Eddie Cheever                Osella-Cosworth FA1                 +13 laps (Gearbox)
 8 Didier Pironi                Ligier-Cosworth JS11                +15 laps (Right front wheel)
   John Watson                  McLaren-Cosworth M29B               +31 laps (Accident)
   Nelson Piquet                Brabham-Cosworth BT49               +38 laps (Gearbox)
   Geoff Lees                   Shadow-Cosworth DN12                +39 laps (Suspension)
   Ricardo Zunino               Brabham-Cosworth BT49B              +44 laps (Gear linkage)
   Carlos Reutemann             Williams-Cosworth FW07B             +45 laps (Accident)
   Jacques Laffite              Ligier-Cosworth JS11                +45 laps (Accident)
   Emilio de Villota            RAM Williams-Cosworth FW07          +45 laps (Accident)
   Riccardo Patrese             Arrows-Cosworth A3                  +51 laps (Gearbox)
   Mario Andretti               Lotus-Cosworth 81                   +52 laps (Engine)
   Jan Lammers                  ATS-Cosworth D4                     +55 laps (Engine)
   Derek Daly                   Tyrrell-Cosworth 010                +68 laps (Accident)
   Keke Rosberg                 Fittipaldi-Cosworth F7              +70 laps (Accident)
   Alain Prost                  McLaren-Cosworth M29                +76 laps (Engine)
   David Kennedy                Shadow-Cosworth DN12                +79 laps (Accident)
Fastest Lap:
   Alan Jones                   Williams-Cosworth FW07B             1:15.467 (158.00 kph)

The 1980 Spanish Grand Prix was declared non-championship on June 2nd 1980 by FISA after fall-out with FOCA. Ferrari, Renault and Alfa Romeo boycotted the race.

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