The Collapse of USF1

For the last couple of days, whispers of USF1's imminent demise have become full blown chatter as stories of rumours of the team's primary backer, Chad Hurley (of You Tube), has walked away from the project. Also thought to have left is USF1's Business and Development Executive, Brian Bonner. After so much speculation in recent … Continue reading The Collapse of USF1

Musical Chairs (**Update)

With only seven weeks to go before the start of the 2010 Formula 1 season, the last set of racing seats look ready to fill up with another two positions taken up in the last few days. Since the beginning of the week, Spanish veteran Pedro De La Rosa finds himself back with a competitive … Continue reading Musical Chairs (**Update)

The Economy’s of Attraction

Economies do strange things to motor racing. During the boom times, you will no doubt see manufacturers throw hundreds of million of Pounds/Euro/Dollars at a team in a bid for success and during the crashes, you often witness the large companies run for cover as plucky privateers with bigger ideas than budgets make the best … Continue reading The Economy’s of Attraction