Snow at the Castle

Dave Weston at the wheel of an MGZR in the snow. © Castle Combe Circuit, Will Belcher

Some in the UK may have noticed that we are suffering some rather poor wintry weather of late.

Rather than teeming rain pouring through sogged rain jackets and onto cold to the touch skin, many parts of Britain have been hit with a barrage of snow and sub zero temperatures – something quite unusual for this time of year.
It’s times like this that I forget to stock up on wise footwear and quality gloves, often leaving myself exposed to cold fingers, wet feet and pitiful glances.

However, in Castle Combe, they just drive – regardless of how cold and snowy it is. Thus last Saturday, a charity track day was organised at the Wiltshire circuit and despite the flurry of a flaky white menace, drivers hit the circuit in what must count as truly dire conditions. Organised by Katie and Ben Elliot, the track day raised £1999 and £2374 for Cancer Research UK and Birdham Nursery respectively.

The clip (see below) was filmed by Adam Kane, Mark Henderson, Tim F Matthews and Tom Schonfeld and was also edited by Matthews. It is a fantastic little piece and worthy of a couple of minutes of anyone’s time.
For more shots of the day – taken by Will Belcher, check out Castle Combe’s Flicker page. More information about the circuit and its events can be found at

3 thoughts on “Snow at the Castle

  1. I like the photo, mostly because that’s me in the MGZR!
    A whole day of track time and only one spin!

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