“FIA F3: Marciello and Rosenqvist dominate Hockenheim qualifying”

Raffaele Marciello and Felix Rosenqvist dominated the final FIA European Formula 3 qualifying session of the season at Hockenheim today.

The Italian Marciello claimed pole position for races one and three, while Rosenqvist assumes the top spot for race two, having set the quickest “second-fastest lap” in Q1.

The opening session was a touch frantic, although Marciello had set out his stall by the midway point in the twenty-minute session with a lap at 1:34.730; however Felix Rosenqvist, Alex Lynn, Eddie Cheever and Lucas Auer all shadowed Marciello as the top five was covered by less than two-tenths.

Thereafter the times tumbled with van Amersfoort duo Dennis van de Laar and Sven Muller leapfrogging the leading group by half-a-second. That was until the final run, when Marciello and Rosenqvist again showed their worth with laps in the 1:34.1 bracket.
As the circuit rubbered in, Rosenqvist would be the first to break into the 1:33’s, soon followed by Lynn, Auer and Tincknell, before Marciello jumped back to the peak with a 1:33.778 in the dying moments.
Though Marciello was now out of reach, Rosenqvist nabbed 2nd spot, ahead of Tincknell, Lynn and Auer, while the van Amersfoort duo claimed 6th (Muller) and 7th (van de Laar).

Unsurprisingly, Marciello cast a delighted figure after qualifying as he revelled in the confidence offered by his Mercedes-powered machine. “Two pole positions, I could hardly have hoped for more,” beamed the Italian, who will be declared champion if he wins tomorrow’s opener. He continued, “In qualifying, everything was great, my car was good. Even when it rains tomorrow, I have no worries, because in the first Hockenheim weekend in the early stage of the season, I also won in the rain.”

Rosenqvist secured race two pole with a best 2nd lap time of 1:33.937, making the Swede the only driver to reach the 1:33’s twice in a single qualifying session.
“For all of us, it took relatively long before the lap times were fast. I think that this was due to the asphalt, which is very smooth here, so that it takes relatively long for the tyres to reach the right temperature window” – a situation surely not helped by a Hankook tyre with a soft drop off curve.
Rosenqvist then added, “Second place is annoying [for races one and three], but actually, it also is a good position for the races. In first qualifying, pole position would have been within reach, but I was stuck for one lap behind no-one else but Raffaele. That was slightly disappointing.”
Marciello missed out on the leading race two grid placing by 0.081s, with Lynn a mere one-hundredth adrift of Marciello in 3rd. Tincknell and Auer continued their good form as they recorded 4th and 5th respectively.
Antonio Giovinazzi grabbed 6th thanks to a fine display in his Double R machine, pipping Muller, Jordan King, van de Laar and Kevin Korjus.

Marciello made it two-out-of-three in the final qualifying session, setting the quickest time of the whole weekend in the process.
The Prema racer rose to the top of the standings with ten minutes remaining, before tearing up the order on his following lap. His time of 1:33.495 would not be beaten.
Rosenqvist followed suit when he jumped up to 2nd place, first with a lap at 1:33.650, followed by another fast tour that ran a tenth quicker. Tincknell confirmed his good showing with another stellar job to take 3rd, while Auer lines up 4th having run just 0.002s shy of Tincknell. King will start 5th ahead of the returning Nick Cassidy, while Giovinazzi, Felix Serralles, Tom Blomqvist and Eddie Cheever close out the top ten.

Van Amersfoort pairing Muller and van de Laar lost out in Q2, when traffic caught them out; however as Auer noted post-session, the entire field was in a similar situation. Lynn could qualify only 20th, when an visit to a gravel trap damaged the underbody of his Prema machine.

It was a tricky session for the series’ guest drivers, Stefano Coletti and Korjus. Following an accident in practice this morning, Coletti could only manage 24th, 25th and 28th and was also the target of plenty of criticism from his fellow drivers, due to his lack of pace.
Korjus fared better and will line-up 9th, 10th and 21st.

Initial weather forecasts project a sunny Saturday, although the Sunday may be very wet, although the heaviest of the showers may miss the final F3 race.

2013 FIA European Formula 3 Championship (Rd 10, Race 1 grid)
Pos Driver               Team/Engine                Time
 1. Raffaele Marciello   Prema Powerteam-Mercedes   1:33.778
 2. Felix Rosenqvist     Mucke-Mercedes             1:33.868
 3. Harry Tincknell      Carlin-Volkswagen          1:33.928
 4. Alex Lynn            Prema Powerteam-Mercedes   1:33.943
 5. Lucas Auer           Prema Powerteam-Mercedes   1:33.981
 6. Sven Muller          Van Amersfoort-Volkswagen  1:34.106
 7. Dennis van de Laar   Van Amersfoort-Volkswagen  1:34.115
 8. Antonio Giovinazzi   Double R-Mercedes          1:34.124
 9. Kevin Korjus         T-Sport-Nissan             1:34.213
10. Jordan King          Carlin-Volkswagen          1:34.260
11. Eddie Cheever        Prema Powerteam-Mercedes   1:34.274
12. Felix Serralles      Fortec-Mercedes            1:34.450
12. Pipo Derani          Fortec-Mercedes            1:34.506
14. John Bryant-Meisner  Fortec-Mercedes            1:34.540
15. Nick Cassidy         Carlin-Volkswagen          1:34.560
16. Tom Blomqvist        EuroInternational-Mercedes 1:34.592
17. Jann Mardenborough   Carlin-Volkswagen          1:34.663
18. Nicholas Latifi      Carlin-Volkswagen          1:34.700
19. Mitch Gilbert        Mucke-Mercedes             1:34.708
20. Michael Lewis        Mucke-Mercedes             1:34.753
21. Roy Nissany          Mucke-Mercedes             1:34.841
22. Lucas Wolf           URD-Mercedes               1:34.924
23. Sean Gelael          Double R-Mercedes          1:35.141
24. Stefano Coletti      ma-con-Mercedes            1:35.224
25. Andre Rudersdorf     ma-con-Mercedes            1:35.321
26. Spike Goddard        T-Sport-Nissan             1:35.362
27. Sandro Zeller        Zeller-Mercedes            1:35.480
28. Tatiana Calderon     Double R-Mercedes          1:35.808

2013 FIA European Formula 3 Championship (Rd 10, Race 2 grid)
Pos Driver               Team/Engine                Time
 1. Felix Rosenqvist     Mucke-Mercedes             1:33.937
 2. Raffaele Marciello   Prema Powerteam-Mercedes   1:34.018
 3. Alex Lynn            Prema Powerteam-Mercedes   1:34.028
 4. Harry Tincknell      Carlin-Volkswagen          1:34.045
 5. Lucas Auer           Prema Powerteam-Mercedes   1:34.059
 6. Antonio Giovinazzi   Double R-Mercedes          1:34.176
 7. Sven Muller          Van Amersfoort-Volkswagen  1:34.228
 8. Jordan King          Carlin-Volkswagen          1:34.372
 9. Dennis van de Laar   Van Amersfoort-Volkswagen  1:34.380
10. Kevin Korjus         T-Sport-Nissan             1:34.390
11. Eddie Cheever        Prema Powerteam-Mercedes   1:34.399
12. Felix Serralles      Fortec-Mercedes            1:34.484
13. Pipo Derani          Fortec-Mercedes            1:34.526
14. Tom Blomqvist        EuroInternational-Mercedes 1:34.653
15. Nick Cassidy         Carlin-Volkswagen          1:34.673
16. John Bryant-Meisner  Fortec-Mercedes            1:34.748
17. Nicholas Latifi      Carlin-Volkswagen          1:34.801
18. Mitch Gilbert        Mucke-Mercedes             1:34.814
19. Michael Lewis        Mucke-Mercedes             1:34.868
20. Jann Mardenborough   Carlin-Volkswagen          1:34.883
21. Roy Nissany          Mucke-Mercedes             1:34.934
22. Sean Gelael          Double R-Mercedes          1:35.233
23. Lucas Wolf           URD-Mercedes               1:35.430
24. Sandro Zeller        Zeller-Mercedes            1:35.558
25. Stefano Coletti      ma-con-Mercedes            1:35.679
26. Spike Goddard        T-Sport-Nissan             1:35.710
27. Tatiana Calderon     Double R-Mercedes          1:35.852
28. Andre Rudersdorf     ma-con-Mercedes            1:36.145

2013 FIA European Formula 3 Championship (Rd 10, Race 3 grid)
Pos Driver               Team/Engine                Time
 1. Raffaele Marciello   Prema Powerteam-Mercedes   1:33.495
 2. Felix Rosenqvist     Mucke-Mercedes             1:33.563
 3. Harry Tincknell      Carlin-Volkswagen          1:33.680
 4. Lucas Auer           Prema Powerteam-Mercedes   1:33.682
 5. Jordan King          Carlin-Volkswagen          1:33.831
 6. Nick Cassidy         Carlin-Volkswagen          1:33.834
 7. Antonio Giovinazzi   Double R-Mercedes          1:33.864
 8. Felix Serralles      Fortec-Mercedes            1:33.896
 9. Tom Blomqvist        EuroInternational-Mercedes 1:33.935
10. Eddie Cheever        Prema Powerteam-Mercedes   1:33.967
11. Nicholas Latifi      Carlin-Volkswagen          1:33.968
12. Pipo Derani          Fortec-Mercedes            1:34.034
13. Sven Muller          Van Amersfoort-Volkswagen  1:34.092
14. John Bryant-Meisner  Fortec-Mercedes            1:34.100
15. Dennis van de Laar   Van Amersfoort-Volkswagen  1:34.198
16. Michael Lewis        Mucke-Mercedes             1:34.310
17. Mitch Gilbert        Mucke-Mercedes             1:34.384
18. Jann Mardenborough   Carlin-Volkswagen          1:34.399
19. Lucas Wolf           URD-Mercedes               1:34.486
20. Alex Lynn            Prema Powerteam-Mercedes   1:34.489
21. Kevin Korjus         T-Sport-Nissan             1:34.499
22. Andre Rudersdorf     ma-con-Mercedes            1:34.512
23. Roy Nissany          Mucke-Mercedes             1:34.530
24. Spike Goddard        T-Sport-Nissan             1:35.012
25. Sean Gelael          Double R-Mercedes          1:35.138
26. Tatiana Calderon     Double R-Mercedes          1:35.164
27. Sandro Zeller        Zeller-Mercedes            1:35.321
28. Stefano Coletti      ma-con-Mercedes            1:35.753

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