No Formula 3 for South Korea… yet

The 2010 Korea Super Prix has been cancelled, with the activation of Force Majeure being cited as a reason. According to the event organiser Barry Bland,

“KAVO have had to cancel the Korea Super Prix… We understand that this due to a legal technicality with the circuit, which appears to have been brought about by some objectors.”

It is expected that the event, which was pulled around the time of the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend, will finally return in 2011; however for this year, the international Formula 3 season will end this weekend in Macau.
I wrote about the original Korea Super Prix some weeks ago and thought back then that events like the Super Prix are absolutely vital if the likes of Formula 1 really wish to be successful in the future. A single race per year will struggle to germinate a fanbase, but an active junior competition with local and international drivers could go someway to drawing interest.
Let’s hone the race makes a belated start next year.

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