“Grosjean: ‘Getting Back in the Car Was Just Normal’”

Around this time two years ago, Haas Formula One driver Romain Grosjean was preparing for the Bahrain Grand Prix. Within moments of the race start, he had crashed and crashed hard. But just as it seemed as if it was all about to end, America called.

“Truth, Noise, Botox and Formula One”

With four Grand Prix remaining in 2022, Max Verstappen has already claimed his 2nd World Championship crown. Apart from the merest of blips, the Dutch racer has been as imperious, as Ferrari have utterly incompetent. Both elements played their part, but is the real story being played off track?

“Motorsport is a Fat Country, and Our Colony is Tainted”

Last year’s COP26 carnival in Glasgow told the world two things: people and countries will do what they feel they need to do to survive, while others will do what they need to prosper. In a world governed by the cloudy nausea of perception and positioning, how long before the very existence of international motorsport … Continue reading “Motorsport is a Fat Country, and Our Colony is Tainted”

“Colton Herta, Red Bull and the Re-Invention of Super Licence Qualifiers”

In the unlikely event Colton Herta earns a Super Licence dispensation from the FIA, it would prove an interesting workaround for an unintended consequence. It may even force a badly needed re-evaluation or even dissolution of the entire Super Licence Points System, although without some humility, that change is unlikely. While it may have had … Continue reading “Colton Herta, Red Bull and the Re-Invention of Super Licence Qualifiers”

“Alonso, Vettel & Piastri: Making a Story Out of a Story”

Pulling enough interest out of the recent Sebastian Vettel/Fernando Alonso and Alpine/Aston Martin story to keep one awake was tricky business. Until Oscar Piastri blew French waters apart. “Jesus, this is a tepid stuff.” In the aftermath of Sebastian Vettel’s retirement announcement and the post-Hungaroring revelation that Fernando Alonso was moving from Alpine to replace … Continue reading “Alonso, Vettel & Piastri: Making a Story Out of a Story”

“Daniel Ricciardo, Tangled Webs, and the McLaren Conundrum”

A heady mix of a highly regarded and expensive, yet struggling driver, alongside the availability of a cache of youthful exuberance may be about to give McLaren a headache – albeit a good one, on the surface. But are the options available as refined or as speedy as the incumbent? “We ultimately just weren’t quick … Continue reading “Daniel Ricciardo, Tangled Webs, and the McLaren Conundrum”

“Actions and Consequences – for Juri Vips, Nelson Piquet Sr and everyone else” (updated)

Juri Vips’ actions during a live streamed gaming session resulted in his immediate suspension from Red Bull Racing activities, including the famed junior team. And rightly so. But how does one respond when one of the sport’s most respected members also commits such actions?

“Guess Work is Not Good Work, Even If It Makes Sense”

At this juncture, as of 10am on Wednesday March 9th, 2022, it can be confirmed that Pietro Fittipaldi has not yet been confirmed as the replacement for the dumped Nikita Mazepin at the Haas F1 team. In fact, nobody has. Not that one would get that impression from many of the popular outlets online. There is an issue of trust when it comes to reporting news or updates, but all too often a thrust through one’s timeline ends up being a doom scroll through a field of copyists and guesswork. Even before Mazepin had been dropped by Haas, there were rumbling stories that Fittipaldi was to replace the Russian, but none of these stories were based on anything remotely solid. There was certainly nothing that one could reasonably use as a back-up for a news story.

“Cowering Under the Hard Dark Light of Money”

Formula One takes the money and hides and when the time is right, it adopts the right words and the right pleasantries, but struggles to match those words with action or authority. As I write this, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is delivering his best lamentable efforts in Prime Minister Questions and it reminds me that at a time of great horror, the world continues to play politics, as if it is a board game. Yet actions have consequences and the deals we do or are done in our name have consequences too. Our world spins upon the colour and scent of money, but in the end, money dripped in blood is still money. The value, however, is tainted forever.

“When Race Control Becomes the Story, Then the Story is Wrong”

There is a drastic problem eating away at the forefront of motorsport, particularly Formula One. Recent seasons has seen the narrative of numerous Grand Prix move from the track to that of Race Control and that is an issue that threatens to undermine the integrity of the sport. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when … Continue reading “When Race Control Becomes the Story, Then the Story is Wrong”

“The Filth and The Fury: Thoughts on Desert Finale from Afar”

The conclusion of Sunday’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix left a sour taste in the mouths of many Formula One fans – particularly those who follow Mercedes. But it really did not have to be this way. From a very distant London, there was a very real sense of bewilderment as the chequered flag dropped at … Continue reading “The Filth and The Fury: Thoughts on Desert Finale from Afar”

“Dignified Online? Oh, Come Now, we are Not Children”

The tight battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen for the 2021 Formula One World Championship is growing in intensity and with it, the heat builds among rivals. But the animosity between the fanbase overshadows even the rivalry. There is little doubt that the promoters of Formula One, Liberty Media, are rubbing their hands with … Continue reading “Dignified Online? Oh, Come Now, we are Not Children”

“Yuki Tsunoda and The Art of Calm, Patience and Experience”

Yuki Tsunoda’s post-qualifying outburst during this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix earned him no favours with his AlphaTauri team. If the Japanese rookie is to lift himself out of his current dip, he may need to call on elements he does not have in his personnel possession – particularly calm and experience. This is where his team needs to come in.

“Is Nikita Mazepin Good Enough for F1? Well, That’s Complicated…”

Few drivers have courted as much controversy on their promotion to Formula One as Nikita Mazepin. The Haas racer debuted in F1 with a desperately poor personal reputation, but does this correlate with his on-track analysis? The answer is rather complicated. Even beyond that, questions are raised, such as, "When is any driver good enough … Continue reading “Is Nikita Mazepin Good Enough for F1? Well, That’s Complicated…”

“Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton Expand Diversity Foundation”

Reigning Formula One world champions Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes have agreed to expand their joint commitment to improving the representation of minority ethnic groups in UK motorsport. This expanded commitment is due to take the form of a joint charitable foundation, which is designed to support wider diversity in motorsport and nurture talent that would … Continue reading “Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton Expand Diversity Foundation”

“George Russell: The Art of Winning – In Spite of Losing”

George Russell may not have won the Sakhir Grand Prix on Sunday, but his efforts in replacing Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes may have formerly confirmed his potential. It may have also gone a great distance to settling his driver from 2022 onward. “Very quick, very tidy. Great potential.” As the 2015 European Formula 3 season … Continue reading “George Russell: The Art of Winning – In Spite of Losing”

“Coming Soon – World in Motorsport: Volume 2”

Some of TheMotorsportArchive.com’s more eagle-eyed readers may have noticed a couple of new buttons at the top of the site’s drop-down options, including “cart”, “checkout”, “my account” and “shop”. These have been included to take into account the release of World in Motorsport: Volume 2, which is looking like going on sale next month.