Was the 2009 IRL Texas 550 Fixed? (**Updated)

While sitting in watching Round 6 of the current IRL season from Texas Motor Speedway something quite irritating popped into my head (apart from the incessant ad-breaks). Ryan Briscoe - once again driving an impeccable racing for Penske - was leading by around 11 seconds (just under half-a-lap) and had lapped everyone up until Tony … Continue reading Was the 2009 IRL Texas 550 Fixed? (**Updated)

“Formula 1 Shoots Itself (Again…)”

Yesterday afternoon, Formula 1 managed to do the impossible and kill itself in public again. Three hours after one of the most exciting races of the season and the race stewards decided to hand Lewis Hamilton a 25-second penalty that demoted him to third place and awarded the race to Felipe Massa - Hamilton's direct … Continue reading “Formula 1 Shoots Itself (Again…)”