New Layout for Edmonton

This evening Canadian race promoters, Octane Racing Group, released a picture of the new layout for the IZOD IndyCar race at Edmonton. The original configuration for the city centre airport circuit has received much criticism since its inception in 2005 (then a Champ Car event). Multiple slow and medium speed corners broke up several all … Continue reading New Layout for Edmonton

Building the Future

When thinking of special races in motorsports, events such as the Monaco Grand Prix, the Indianapolis 500 and the Le Mans 24 Hour Race spring to mind. Indeed, those three races form what is known as the Triple Crown of Motorsports, with Graham Hill the only driver in the history of motor racing claiming all … Continue reading Building the Future

“Speed on the Orient: The Original Singapore Grand Prix”

Mention the 'Singapore Grand Prix' and thoughts of night racing, bright lights ...and, of course, Nelson Piquet Jr instantly come to mind. Although the 2008 Grand of Singapore was the nation's first step into Formula 1, it was not the first time the Great Prize was contested there.

Pining for the Green Hell

As Formula 1 has left Europe for the 2010 season, it is almost certain that many will gripe about some of the modern tracks that the series will visit over the next six weeks, while praising the gems that are Interlagos and Suzuka. Those two circuits have become treasures within the wider community of Formula … Continue reading Pining for the Green Hell

First Laps of the Korean Grand Prix Circuit

Over the weekend, sidelined Hispania Racing man, Karun Chandhok, took the Red Bull RB5 to the track at the grand opening of the new Korean Grand Prix circuit at Yeongam in South Jeolia. There have been many worries over the web that the track may not be finished in time for the first race weekend … Continue reading First Laps of the Korean Grand Prix Circuit

Sakhir Circuit: Out with the New, In with the Old

Unable to erase the 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix from either history or the minds of the sleepers, organisers of the opening race for the 2011 Formula 1 season have decided to rub out the track extension. Well, sort off. While the original the original Grand Prix layout may not have been hugely popular, it was … Continue reading Sakhir Circuit: Out with the New, In with the Old

AVUS – The Fastest Circuit on the Planet

The Automobil-Verkehrs und Übungs-Straße circuit - otherwise known as AVUS - probably stands as one of the most striking and unusual tracks in the history of Grand Prix motor racing. With its two 6-mile long adjacent straights hooked together by hairpins at either end, the pin-shaped AVUS was easily the fastest closed circuit in the world.

Autódromo de Benguela, Angola

Apart from insomnia and vitamin deficiency, one of the odd side effects of racing simulations - such as the Grand Prix series and rFactor - is the curiosity triggered by foreign and unknown tracks. Through game communities and websites, a "driver" can play with and explore many circuits from the world over that will never … Continue reading Autódromo de Benguela, Angola

Save Spa-Francorchamps

News emerged last month that the famous Spa-Francorchamps race circuit in Belgium is to have its licence revoked due to noise complaints from recently arrived residents. The track, which was originally built in 1920 and apart from a few gaps, has been holding Grand Prix as the host to the Belgian Grand Prix - occasionally … Continue reading Save Spa-Francorchamps

The Banks of Monza

One of the current themes of not just Formula 1, but motor racing in general, is one of cost-cutting and material conservation. Mention those two elements in the same sentence as F1 fifteen years ago and you would have been laughed out of every room, but times have changed. In a greater push to bring … Continue reading The Banks of Monza