Save Spa-Francorchamps

News emerged last month that the famous Spa-Francorchamps race circuit in Belgium is to have its licence revoked due to noise complaints from recently arrived residents.
The track, which was originally built in 1920 and apart from a few gaps, has been holding Grand Prix as the host to the Belgian Grand Prix – occasionally swapping with Zolder Race Circuit – and is a known favourite amongst both drivers and spectators. So much so, that many of the Formula 1 drivers claim it to be the finest track in the world, with only Le Mans and Suzuka coming close to a similar accolade.
It’s not just the circuit as a whole that is famous, but also some of its terrifyingly fast corners such Eau Rouge , Pouhon and Blanchimont.

Overlooking Eau Rouge

As of September 23rd, it appears that the historic circuit’s future is in serious doubt. Noise issues arising in 2007 have led the facility to have its license removed until 2026 by the local Council of State; however opposing locals have decided to raise their voices in defence of the track, claiming that the track is:

“…the most beautiful circuit in the world is a real economic tool, which gives work to a significant amount of people and a lot of publicity and a dynamic and qualitative image of Belgium all around the world…”

They also go on to say that:

“…they are for the continuity of the circuit… and we will fight to preserve it. We are sorry for the people that don’t agree to be integrated into local life.
If like us, you like the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps;
If like us, you are conscious of the historical and touristic heritage of our country;
If like us, you are proud of your area;
If like us, you want to fight the crisis and react to the criticisms;
If like us, you like the track and want it to survive;
Then please sign the petition”

The petition to help save the wonderful Spa-Francorchamps circuit can be found here – petition. Meanwhile, a lap from Fernando Alonso…

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