“Spa, via Liege”

There are some occasions when I lament visiting some British circuits during the racing season.

To put it kindly, a number are rather “out of the way” ensuring some trips become more of an endurance than a flying visit – especially when is without a car…

On the other hand, the ease with which a certain few European circuits can be reached should do much to embarrass.

Monza is a prime example of a historic track based not too far from Milan, while the oft-criticised Spa-Francorchamps is not overly difficult to get reach when a little research is done.

Alas a Grand Prix does tend to add a little pressure to the local traffic system, while hotels have a dreadful tendency to fill up fast.
So for Formula One’s annual visit to the Ardennes, one has to venture fifty kilometres north to Liege to bed up for the weekend – not ideal, but good enough.

Getting to the circuit isn’t too difficult, but maybe a little arduous for some. From Liege, there are several stops before disembarking at Spa and cycling the final 8.5 kms to the track.

One only hopes the morning remains dry. Speaking of which as far as I am aware, there will be weather today at Spa, but it is doubtful that anyone knows quite what that weather will be.
Who would have thought that would be a possibility then..?

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