Snetterton “300” Unveiled

Snetterton "300" layout. © Motorsport Vision.

British national racing circuit, Snetterton, released a video of it’s new “300 circuit” profile yesterday afternoon.

The developments, instigated by Motorsport Vision, incorporates much of the original Snetterton layout, with a new infield section, making it the second longest track in the UK, bringing the circuit to 2.99 miles. The new layout will host British Formula 3, as well as the BTCC, the British GT Championship and the Superbike Series amongst others. With this new layout, Snetterton is hoping to achieve an FIA Grade 2 licence.
Despite the circuit alteration, the “200” layout will still be in use, albeit with a tightened turn 2 (now more of a hairpin) and a heavily altered final corner, while the “100” will still exist in its original format.
There are still to be future developments as Motorsport Vision is to continue to alter regions off the track to help safety, with spectator banks being moved. Plans are also afoot to develop the paddock area and to build extra workshops to the east of the circuit entrance.

A video below (produced in rFactor it would seem) showcases the new “300” layout and while the new form seems functional, it does not come across as the most inspiring of tracks; however, simulations can sometimes lie. One will have to wait until there is some on track action before my mind is made up.
Fans are being asked to help the naming of the new corners – this can be done via

4 thoughts on “Snetterton “300” Unveiled

  1. It looks an awful lot to me like they did a “copy/paste” with corners from the Indianapolis F1 track on the north end of the Speedway (think F1 corners 1 through 7). Like you say, Leigh, sometimes you just don’t know until you see cars on it, but this doesn’t strike me as any great change for Snetterton.

    1. Good point,
      When looking up information on the track, I was surprised to see a few corners appear to be “modelled” on notable turns from other circuits, especially Imola and Monza. I do see what you mean about the Speedway turns though.

  2. Imola and Monza? Wow. That takes a little bit of imagination. Maybe Turn 4 = Tosa, Turn 8 = “Um, Maybe the Second Lesmo”, and Turn 5 = “The World’s Shortest Approximaiton of Pre-Chicane Tamburello” or “Sorta Acque Minerale, But Way Flatter”, but I’m having a real hard time after that. I’ll just take their word for it, I guess.

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