“Thoughts on pitstops, safety and entertainment”

When a loose wheel from Mark Webber’s Red Bull brutally hit FOM cameraman Paul Allen during the German Grand Prix, the sport was again left to look at its operations. Two-and-a-half weeks on from the incident, one is forced to ask if the FIA and FOM have been looking in the right direction.

2010 Hungarian Grand Prix (Hungaroring, Round 12, August 1st)

2010 Hungarian Grand Prix The Hungaroring is hardly known for its cracking races - 2006 is often cited as the exception and for its 25th running, we were gifted a decent, if somewhat odd race at the Hungarian Grand Prix. On that day Jenson Button came through from 14th place to score famous first victory, … Continue reading 2010 Hungarian Grand Prix (Hungaroring, Round 12, August 1st)

2010 German Grand Prix (Hockenheimring, Round 11, Jul 25th)

When Rubens Barrichello gifted Michael Schumacher victory at the A-1 Ring at the 2002 Austrian Grand Prix, the national anthems could barely be heard for the sound of booing from the crowd. It was not just that Ferrari swapped their drivers, thereby altering the result of the race, but that the Italian squad were so … Continue reading 2010 German Grand Prix (Hockenheimring, Round 11, Jul 25th)

2010 Canadian Grand Prix (Montreal, Round 8, June 11th-13th)

2009 was the first time in over twenty years that Formula 1 did not visit North America and for all concerned, it was a mistake - not only did it leave the teams and manufacturers worried about an increasingly ignored market, it left the many fans in North America without a race in a 2000-mile … Continue reading 2010 Canadian Grand Prix (Montreal, Round 8, June 11th-13th)

Formula 1 on the Beach

Like a sections the motor racing fan fraternity, I abhor marketing campaigns. They are often sycophantic nonsense that talk a lot, but manage to say very little and in a sport where the drivers, mechanics, technicians and cars are the kings and queens, organisations have a tendency to get in the way, while attempting to … Continue reading Formula 1 on the Beach

The Possible Return of Michelin

They may have been the favourites all along to replace Bridgestone as Formula 1's new tyre supplier, but it appears that French rubber manufacturer Michelin are close to doing a deal for 2011 onwards; however they may not be the sport's sole supplier as originally indicated. When Michelin originally left Formula in 2006, it almost … Continue reading The Possible Return of Michelin

Was Refuelling Banned Too Soon?

Some weeks ago, I wrote a rather positive post about the banning of refuelling - and it is something that I am still rather positive about; however even I am also happy to concede that alterations could have been made to the regulation to aid good racing. At this stage it has already been determined … Continue reading Was Refuelling Banned Too Soon?

Fuelled to the Finish (**Updated)

A funny thing happened during during the 2009 Japanese Grand Prix at the wonderful Suzuka circuit. Just before his first stop, Rubens Barrichello was following Kimi Raikkonen and gaining some ground, when he contacted race engineer Jock Clear on the team radio and asked "...do I try to pass him?" Clear responded only a moment … Continue reading Fuelled to the Finish (**Updated)

Bridgestone Quit F1 After 2010

It is 6:22am and the sun is slowly brightening the sky on this cool November Monday morning and only one day after the 2009 Formula 1 season finishes, I rise to the news that Bridgestone are quitting Formula 1 cold from the end of next season. After what will be fourteen seasons (seven of which … Continue reading Bridgestone Quit F1 After 2010