Formula 1 Fans / FOTA Forum

This afternoon, I made a quick trip into central London for the Fans' / FOTA Forum at the BAFTA Hall in Piccadilly. Attended by approximately 130 people, the forum gave ninety minutes in total to six subjects: The Fan Experience The Overtaking Problem Cost Control vs Technological Innovation F1 and the Environment The New Teams … Continue reading Formula 1 Fans / FOTA Forum

Fuelled to the Finish (**Updated)

A funny thing happened during during the 2009 Japanese Grand Prix at the wonderful Suzuka circuit. Just before his first stop, Rubens Barrichello was following Kimi Raikkonen and gaining some ground, when he contacted race engineer Jock Clear on the team radio and asked " I try to pass him?" Clear responded only a moment … Continue reading Fuelled to the Finish (**Updated)