Reflections: “Clark dominates at Clermont-Ferrand – 1965 French Grand Prix (Rd 4)”

Before the 1965 French Grand Prix, Lotus driver Jim Clark was quietly confident. After three rounds, the legendary Scot had a three-point advantage over BRM's Graham Hill when they arrived at Clermont-Ferrand. With skill and smoothness a premium at the French circuit, Clark possessed an advantage that often superseded the superb engineering of his nimble Lotus 33. In the race, he would made it look so easy.

Bruce McLaren

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the death of Bruce McLaren. He crashed just off the Lavant Straight at Goodwood while testing his new Can-Am M8D when the bodywork loosened and shifted, caused the car to destabilise and hit a bunker - he was killed instantly. McLaren was one of very few drivers in the … Continue reading Bruce McLaren