“The Shy Champion: Phil Hill”

As the 1961 season drew to a close, Ferrari's Wolfgang von Trips was leading team mate Phil Hill and only needed a podium to claim the crown. In the end, death betrayed the German – with von Trips dead in the circuit’s medical unit and Sir Stirling Moss eleven points adrift; Hill became the first American World Champion with one race to spare.

“Giancarlo Baghetti: The Grand Débutante”

------ This post was originally published on Too Much Racing in August of last year, as part of the VivaF1 blogger swap shop. The Grand Débutante reappears here today, as it marks the 50th anniversary of Giancarlo Baghetti's great achievement. ------ In terms of startling Grand Prix débuts, few will ever rank as highly as … Continue reading “Giancarlo Baghetti: The Grand Débutante”

Reflections: “Clark dominates at Clermont-Ferrand – 1965 French Grand Prix (Rd 4)”

Before the 1965 French Grand Prix, Lotus driver Jim Clark was quietly confident. After three rounds, the legendary Scot had a three-point advantage over BRM's Graham Hill when they arrived at Clermont-Ferrand. With skill and smoothness a premium at the French circuit, Clark possessed an advantage that often superseded the superb engineering of his nimble Lotus 33. In the race, he would made it look so easy.

Building the Future

When thinking of special races in motorsports, events such as the Monaco Grand Prix, the Indianapolis 500 and the Le Mans 24 Hour Race spring to mind. Indeed, those three races form what is known as the Triple Crown of Motorsports, with Graham Hill the only driver in the history of motor racing claiming all … Continue reading Building the Future

Arrogance: The Public Decline of Michael Schumacher

It was just the sheer arrogant nature of it all. One car weakened by ageing tyres vying with another machine on superior rubber; one driver - at a time retired - back with questionable motivation against another veteran, refreshed and reinvigorated by a fresh challenge. When Michael Schumacher moved his Mercedes across the Williams of … Continue reading Arrogance: The Public Decline of Michael Schumacher

Mark Webber Drives the Hungaroring

Formula 1 has a huge job on its hands. Following the disastrous unfolding of last week's German Grand Prix, the sport is under scrutiny from fans, experts and the media with regards to its often poor attitude to the paying customer - whether that be money or time. The sport has once again touched rivers … Continue reading Mark Webber Drives the Hungaroring

Mark Webber Drives the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal

It feels as though the 2010 Turkish Grand Prix has yet to end. Nine days after the two Red Bull's clattered eachother with one-third of race remaining, there has been constant feed from commentators, agitators, the team and of course, the drivers themselves. Red Bull have apparently cleared the air between their two stars - … Continue reading Mark Webber Drives the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal

Looking to the 2010 Indianapolis 500

Today is the 94th Indianapolis 500 mile race; one of the greatest sporting events of the year. Come Memorial Day every year, 33 drivers fight for 500 miles at the toughest super speedway on the planet to pick up the Borg Warner trophy in victory lane and also to taste the champions milk. The Indy … Continue reading Looking to the 2010 Indianapolis 500

Mark Webber Drives the Streets of Monte Carlo

With a victory at last week's Spanish Grand Prix, Red Bull's Mark Webber goes into the next race brimming with confidence and will be looking to take his Catalan boost to the streets of Monte Carlo; yet while both Monaco and Barcelona are circuits where passing is considered extremely difficult if not impossible, they could … Continue reading Mark Webber Drives the Streets of Monte Carlo

The Power of Momentum

(Originally posted on SidePodCast.com on May 12th, 2010) ------ One of the key aspects in motorsports, both physically and mentally, is momentum. It is often the unspoken element that gives a competitor the extra drive to make his machine work; it can breed confidence within one's psyche and also in a driver's surroundings. Up until … Continue reading The Power of Momentum

Mark Webber Drives the Circuit de Catalunya

It's nearly three weeks since the Formula 1 flyaway adventure concluded and despite the best efforts of an Icelandic ash cloud, the field is now in Spain readying themselves for the beginning of the European season. The last time the teams were in Barcelona was for testing in the last days of February and at … Continue reading Mark Webber Drives the Circuit de Catalunya

Senna: An Old Name, but a New Face

Bruno Senna has signed a deal with Formula 1 new boys, Campos-Meta, for the 2010 season. Bruno, who is the nephew of three-time Formula 1 World Champion Ayrton Senna, has had success in a number of junior categories; despite having not run in the many Karting Championships that his peers competed in. Although he had … Continue reading Senna: An Old Name, but a New Face

The Death of Jim Clark, Part 2

There is finality about death that means for the most part you only need to write about it once - essentially a life has ended and with that, details unfold and slot together to present a story about person's unique visions, feelings and experiences. The finality...... apart from a few exceptions and skeletons, there is … Continue reading The Death of Jim Clark, Part 2