“The Shy Champion: Phil Hill”

As the 1961 season drew to a close, Ferrari's Wolfgang von Trips was leading team mate Phil Hill and only needed a podium to claim the crown. In the end, death betrayed the German – with von Trips dead in the circuit’s medical unit and Sir Stirling Moss eleven points adrift; Hill became the first American World Champion with one race to spare.

2010 Singapore Grand Prix (Marina Bay, Round 15, September 24th)

Free Practice 1 As the green light flickered on at the pitlane exit, the Lotus of Heikki Kovalainen was the first to venture out on to the Marina Bay circuit. Having rained heavily some time prior to practice, intermediate tyres were the order of the early evening; however the track conditions were to change subtly … Continue reading 2010 Singapore Grand Prix (Marina Bay, Round 15, September 24th)

What Now for Pedro de la Rosa?

As has been in the news since this morning, Spanish Formula 1 driver Pedro de la Rosa has been dropped from the Sauber team following Sunday's Italian Grand Prix at Monza - he has been replaced by Nick Heidfeld. It has been a difficult year for the veteran - the 39-year-old has only had one … Continue reading What Now for Pedro de la Rosa?

The Economy’s of Attraction

Economies do strange things to motor racing. During the boom times, you will no doubt see manufacturers throw hundreds of million of Pounds/Euro/Dollars at a team in a bid for success and during the crashes, you often witness the large companies run for cover as plucky privateers with bigger ideas than budgets make the best … Continue reading The Economy’s of Attraction