“Remembering the Birmingham Superprix”

In 1985, the International Formula 3000 replaced the defunct European F2 Series as the final stepping stone before Formula 1. Come 1986, F3000 altered its schedule slightly to include races at Imola, Bugatti Le Mans and Jarama; however the destination that stood out like a sore thumb was "Birmingham".

“The Shy Champion: Phil Hill”

As the 1961 season drew to a close, Ferrari's Wolfgang von Trips was leading team mate Phil Hill and only needed a podium to claim the crown. In the end, death betrayed the German – with von Trips dead in the circuit’s medical unit and Sir Stirling Moss eleven points adrift; Hill became the first American World Champion with one race to spare.

2010 Australian Grand Prix (Melbourne, Round 2, March 26th-28th)

Although the Australian Grand Prix only became part of the Formula 1 World Championship in 1985, it actually stands as one of the oldest races on the calendar with its inception at Phillip Island in 1928 for the "100 mile Road Race". Since then, it has taken in many venues, such as Bathurst's Mount Panorama … Continue reading 2010 Australian Grand Prix (Melbourne, Round 2, March 26th-28th)

Sir Stirling Moss (**Updated)

(March 8th, 2010) Just a quick note to offer my best wishes to former Formula 1 racing driver, Sir Stirling Moss, who had a heavy fall down a lift shaft over the weekend. Although the legendary driver suffered two broken ankles and other injuries, he is thought to be in good spirits. All the best … Continue reading Sir Stirling Moss (**Updated)

The Banks of Monza

One of the current themes of not just Formula 1, but motor racing in general, is one of cost-cutting and material conservation. Mention those two elements in the same sentence as F1 fifteen years ago and you would have been laughed out of every room, but times have changed. In a greater push to bring … Continue reading The Banks of Monza