Paying the Way

Pay drivers in motorsport is perhaps not a subject that has come up too often in modern Formula 1. While the quality of these entrants is rarely of note, there have been occasional surprises in the history of the sport that defy such generalisations, such as Niki Lauda's becoming a three-time World Champion after he … Continue reading Paying the Way

Mark Webber Drives the Streets of Monte Carlo

With a victory at last week's Spanish Grand Prix, Red Bull's Mark Webber goes into the next race brimming with confidence and will be looking to take his Catalan boost to the streets of Monte Carlo; yet while both Monaco and Barcelona are circuits where passing is considered extremely difficult if not impossible, they could … Continue reading Mark Webber Drives the Streets of Monte Carlo

The Power of Momentum

(Originally posted on on May 12th, 2010) ------ One of the key aspects in motorsports, both physically and mentally, is momentum. It is often the unspoken element that gives a competitor the extra drive to make his machine work; it can breed confidence within one's psyche and also in a driver's surroundings. Up until … Continue reading The Power of Momentum