Following the Storm

Following last weekend's Bahrain Grand Prix, Formula 1 received a rather large amount of criticism from the fans, teams, drivers and media alike for what was quite a dull main event. While many relevant points have been made regarding how the new rules may have stifled overtaking, the sport must stop short of knee jerk … Continue reading Following the Storm

The Concept of a New Chassis, Part 2

Just over a week ago, I posted a piece on the Indy Racing League's new potential chassis designs for the 2012 season onwards. In the time since then, the Delta Wing LLC and Lola Technologies have launched drawings of their concepts to the general public and the reaction has been somewhat divided. Once again, I … Continue reading The Concept of a New Chassis, Part 2

The Concept of a new Chassis

Last year, the Indy Racing League set a new time period for the next IRL chassis design. The current chassis designed by Dallara in 2000 has, bar some minor tweaks, remained largely unchanged over the years. Originally it was assumed that Dallara may deliver an evolution of the current car, but in the time since … Continue reading The Concept of a new Chassis