Rewriting History

The layout for the circuit at Austin, Texas was revealed this morning to show a 3.5 mile track with 20 corners and at least 130 feet of gradient change. While that is all very interesting, the thing that really caught my eye was someone redesigning Hermann Tilke's Wikipedia page somewhat. I'm sure making "roughly two-and-a-half … Continue reading Rewriting History

A Lap Around the New Silverstone

As reported here some time ago, Silverstone circuit in Northamptonshire has undergone significant modifications in the latter stages of the lap to accommodate the upcoming MotoGP race, which Silverstone is hosting for the first time this year. Now work at the track has been completed and the new section - called the Arena - was … Continue reading A Lap Around the New Silverstone

2010 Malaysian Grand Prix (Sepang, Round 3, April 2nd – 4th)

Of all the circuits designed by Hermann Tilke, Sepang probably stands out as his finest attempt - although there is no stand out corners on the track (the sweeps from turns 5-8 are still very nice), it is a good design as a whole. Malaysia has actually given the Formula 1 community some very good … Continue reading 2010 Malaysian Grand Prix (Sepang, Round 3, April 2nd – 4th)