Releasing the Car

New car launches have a habit of being spectacles - albeit boring ones. Admittedly, I have never been to one, but I have sat through numerous films and clip reels of unveiling's over the years and have often found the dry PR speeches deeply dull. Tales about a company's past, present and future sitting idly … Continue reading Releasing the Car

No Double-Diffusers from 2011 Onwards

I have always been a firm believer that there is scientific equation that should technically calculate the amount of aerodynamic downforce necessary when taking into account things like speed, mechanical downforce and so forth and for all intents and purposes, the answer to that equation should be "1". In other words the aerodynamic grip required … Continue reading No Double-Diffusers from 2011 Onwards

2010 Toyota Racing Series (Teretonga Park, Round 1, January 16th-17th)

Race One Teretonga Park is apparently the southern most racing circuit in the world. The circuit, primarily used for tin-tops and junior formula races, can be found in the south-west regions of New Zealand and it is at this circuit that the Toyota Racing Series begins its 2010 campaign.These 1.8 litre 200BHP machines just fall … Continue reading 2010 Toyota Racing Series (Teretonga Park, Round 1, January 16th-17th)

The Economy’s of Attraction

Economies do strange things to motor racing. During the boom times, you will no doubt see manufacturers throw hundreds of million of Pounds/Euro/Dollars at a team in a bid for success and during the crashes, you often witness the large companies run for cover as plucky privateers with bigger ideas than budgets make the best … Continue reading The Economy’s of Attraction

The Loss of Toyota F1

Aaahhh Toyota, we hardly knew ye... Of course it is naturally disappointing when a team decides to leave Formula 1 - especially one as big as Toyota. The Japanese manufacturer are just another in an ever growing list of Asian companies to have decided to jump from developmental motorsports in the last 18 months; that … Continue reading The Loss of Toyota F1

Luca… Luca… Luca…

There was a running joke at last weekend's European Grand Prix regarding Ferrari substitute driver, Luca Badoer - on the television coverage, Badoer's name is abbreviated to "Bad". However, I doubt even Ferrari in their wildest dreams (or nightmares) could have though that Badoer could be that slow. The Italian driver was regularly 2 seconds … Continue reading Luca… Luca… Luca…