“Coming Soon – World in Motorsport: Volume 2”

Some of TheMotorsportArchive.com’s more eagle-eyed readers may have noticed a couple of new buttons at the top of the site’s drop-down options, including “cart”, “checkout”, “my account” and “shop”. These have been included to take into account the release of World in Motorsport: Volume 2, which is looking like going on sale next month.

“WRC: Four or Five Events Possible – Matton”

The FIA’s Rally Director, Yves Matton, believes four-to-five more events will be necessary to validate the World Rally Championship this season. Yet as the year reaches its halfway point, the task of finding replacement rallies is becoming a trying task, as he tells World in Motorsport. “It’s not like in racing. We are not able … Continue reading “WRC: Four or Five Events Possible – Matton”

“WRC: Rallying Needs to Act, Not React If It Wants to Survive – Adamo”

For Hyundai’s WRC team boss Andrea Adamo, the pandemic is yet another sign that a new way of thinking is needed if motorsport is to survive. “If we don’t react now, or if we don’t act now, we will find a problem.” Andrea Adamo is not a man known for pulling punches. The Italian has … Continue reading “WRC: Rallying Needs to Act, Not React If It Wants to Survive – Adamo”

“WRC: Safari Rally return pushed back to 2021”

The retuning Safari Rally has been pushed back to 2021, it was confirmed today, as the Coronavirus pandemic claimed another victim. Scheduled for mid-July, this was due to be the event’s first appearance on the WRC calendar since 2002, where the late-Colin McRae took his final win. However, as countries were forced into lockdown and … Continue reading “WRC: Safari Rally return pushed back to 2021”

Finesse Behind the Wheel

When it comes to behind the wheel skill, I resolutely believe that the drivers of the World Rally Championship are the absolute best drivers in competition on the planet. Contesting a championship that runs on snow, ice, gravel, asphalt, cliff-side, mud, through thick forests, villages and towns and a number of other hazards (such as … Continue reading Finesse Behind the Wheel

Congratulations to Sebastien Loeb

*I was actually meant to post this on Monday, but things have been busy, busy, busy... It has a number of years since I last followed the World Rally Championship properly - it is around the turn of the decade that I lost touch with the series. This had nothing to do with not liking … Continue reading Congratulations to Sebastien Loeb