With a Little Help…

Those that have read this blog a lot will have probably noticed my enthusiasm for classic circuits, old racing seasons, motor races and the characters therein. However when it comes to cars, I could probably tell you that they have four wheels, a steering column, an accelerator and a brake – but that’s about it.

Here at The Formula 1 and Motorsports Archive, I am looking for someone that is keen to write about the machines that make the sport possible – the cars themselves.

Ideally, a guest writer would be knowledgeable about the subject, informative, funny with an ability to shape a good story.  There’s no barrier to formulae either – guest writers can choose any machine they care to write about, whether it be pre-World Championship, Formula 1, IndyCar, NASCAR, Sportscars or even golf buggy’s – it’s all go here.

Should this peak interest, please e-mail me here or DM me on Twitter and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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  1. Hi Leigh, I wasn’t quite sure from your comment on Viva if you want to take part in swap shop or not. Could you drop me a note on twitter @saltire_ or the site to confirm please.

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