About That Photograph…

Earlier today, I posted a piece about Bertrand Gachot and at the tail end of the post was a picture of the man that replaced him at Jordan, Michael Schumacher.

Now this particular picture was taken as he joined Benetton following his single race run with the Irish squad; however I received a couple of comments regarding how strange Schumacher looked in the picture.

So I figured while I have the time, I will go two better.  At times like this, it must be remembered that Lewis Hamilton had a poor attempt at an afro when he contested GP2.  Enjoy…

Schumacher mullet and bad moustache, example 1. © Copyright unknown.
Schumacher mullet and bad moustache, example 2. © Copyright unknown.

6 thoughts on “About That Photograph…

  1. @John
    I was an avid supporter of the campaign, but judging by Lewis’ receding hairline, I’m not sure it’ll work.

    Everyone needs to see the Schumacher look at least once.

    That is a very scary thought.

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