Pigs Can Fly

Recently I finally caught up with a couple of past copies of the digital Formula 1 magazine, GP+, which contained a fantastic piece about one of the pioneers of aviation and motor racing, John Moore-Brabazon.

In 1909, Moore-Brabazon completed the first circular mile in Britain in an aeroplane; however prior to his run, the pilot was met with some mocking from those in attendance. Specifically, one was heard to say that Moore-Brabazon would complete the task “when pigs fly.”
Following his successful run, Moore-Brabazon took to the air once again several days later to do the task once again, but this time as a joke, he took a pig on board with him just to show that pigs could, in actual fact, fly.

I have no idea who took this photo, but the caption by the way, is mine.

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