A Tribute to Macau

Something that I came across the other day that really caught my eye was this fabulous homage to this year’s Macau Formula 3 Grand Prix. 

Directed by Sergio Perez (not the Formula 1 débutante), the tribute was shot by Perez alongside cohort Antonio Espadinha Soares during the weekend’s running. This film, mostly shot on a Canon 7D and 1D Mark IV and an XF300 with EOS lenses is also mixed with clips from the local TV station’s broadcast.
Race commentary is from Jonathan Green. The songs are “Beauty Never Fades” by Junkie XL, “November” and “Last Days” by Max Richter, and “Furious Angel” by Rob Dougan.

Macau Grand Prix Formula 3 2010 from Toze Soares on Vimeo.

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