Tom Carnegie (R.I.P.)

The legendary voice of Indianapolis, Tom Carnegie, has sadly passed away at the age of 91. 

Carnegie – famous for his deep rumbling voice and catchphrases signifying the start of a quick qualifying run and a new track record – was the track announcer at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway from 1946 until his retirement five years ago.
During the second World War, the Connecticut native played basketball; however an illness shortened his brief career. A keen speaker, Carnegie took debating to heart, where soon after he took a broadcasting job with the radio station, WOWO, in Indiana. As well as basketball games, Carnegie presented car shows, something that led to him being approached by Tony Hulman about being the announcer for the re-opened Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Carnegie maintained that position until he left in 2006 at the age of 86.

Commentators and announcers come and go, but rarely do they feed into the public consciousness, becoming almost an integral part of the sport. Tom Carnegie was one of that rare breed.
Tom Carnegie (1919-2011)

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  1. I don’t recognise the name at all but I definitely know the voice. Shame to lose another of that generation.

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