GP2 Round 2 in Bahrain Cancelled

No GP2 racing in Bahrain this time. © GP2 Media Service

The second round of the 2011 GP2 Asia Series has been called off at the request of the Bahrain Motorsport Federation.

Large scale protests in the territory, have resulted in bloodshed on the streets of Manama – the country’s capital. Fire crews and medical personnel were removed from the circuit and placed on emergency service.
Thousands held a peaceful protest in the Pearl Square sector of Manama last night; however the army has since moved. Three have been confirmed dead and some 60 people are unaccounted for.

At times like this, motorsport is insignificant and it is a sharp reminder that Formula 1 must think carefully of the friends it keeps. Much like the fallout following the 1985 South African Grand Prix, maybe it is time to stop. Nation’s that wage war on its own population with tanks, armoured cars and a trigger happy police force are probably not the best friends to have.

Apart from that, there now is the possibility of the third and final round of the GP2 Asia Series – which is also in Bahrain – being cancelled too, should this current situation persists. It creates the possibility of Abu Dhabi being the only event in this year’s GP2 Asia Series. There is a chance that it could be tacked on to Main Series; however it is unlikely.

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