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The Joys of Planning Public Transport

March 8, 2011
Nothing thrills the soul like a 4:57 am alarm call on cold Tuesday mornings in London.

Alas these things are to be done for starting this year, I will be blogging the British Formula 3 Championship – mostly from the track, rendering this blog’s tagline (The Past, Present and Future of Speed from my TV Set) slightly out of date.

Unfortunately, the fact that I do not drive (at the moment) has left at the mercy of public transport, although considering the costs involved in owning a car right now, it is questionable if I am losing out that much.
Today means Silverstone for the F3 media day, which means London to Milton Keynes to Northampton to Silverstone Village to the circuit, via an assortment of trains, buses and slow pedestrianism.

Deep down, a train that dropped to the door of each and every circuit would be absolutely lovely, if maybe a little unrealistic. Therefore, the next few weeks will be all about planning while I work out how to get to and from every circuit. It’s been some time since I last had to do this, but it would seem it is time to start memorising train and bus timetables again.

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  1. Excellent. Hands-on, first hand, at the track reporting is the absolute best, and in your capable hands, Leigh, I’m sure we’re in for some good stuff in the world of British F3 (and everything else still, I’m sure) this year.

    • Leigh O'Gorman permalink

      Cheers Andy,
      Am looking forward to a monster season ahead.

  2. Are you going to *every* round? That sounds like a real challenge even with a car let alone by public transport..

    • Leigh O'Gorman permalink

      I’ll be at all, bar two or three of the continent races.

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