A Different Type of Racing

Polc in action. © http://www.filippolc.sk

Every so often, clips crop up on the internet that have the power to blow ones mind. This weekend, just such a clip appeared.

Slovakian downhill racer, Filip Polc, mounted a helmet camera for a run at the Valparaiso Cerro Abajo in Chile several weeks ago.
The stint, which earned him his second consecutive VCA title, took in several narrow lanes an obstacles through the downhill event.

What started out as a small event several years ago, has since grown into a must attend race for downhill riders from around the globe.
The course is littered with danger and is very technical, demanding high amounts of skill and sharp reflexes.
At the end of day, Polc finished ahead of France’s Cedric Garcia and Mario Jarrin of Ecuador.

With all the talk amongst Formula 1 drivers about triathlons, cycle tours and the like, one wonders if Mark Webber, Jenson Button or Nico Rosberg would ever give this a go?
I fear the answer will most like be a swift “no”.

4 thoughts on “A Different Type of Racing

    1. Saw that. Myself (and I’m sure hundreds of others) tweeted his account of Saturday wondering of he’d be up for it.
      He tweeted later on saying he might not be allowed to though…

  1. I’m going to go throw up now. I spent the entire 3 minutes basically waiting for the guy to be eaten by an alligator, plunge off a 2,000 foot cliff or befall some other terrible fate. Insanity…

    1. I felt woozy the first time watched it… but then I had to watch again. Just awestruck.

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