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GP2 Pre-Season Testing (Silverstone, April 6th)

April 7, 2011

GP2 tested at Silverstone again yesterday.

iSport International’s Marcus Ericsson topped the second and final day of GP2 testing at the Silverstone Arena circuit yesterday.

The Swede topped the 26 car field in very warm conditions that contrasted heavily with Tuesday’s damp weather, although Ericsson would have to secede the morning session to Racing Engineering’s Christian Vietoris.
Indeed Vietoris’ best lap (1:40.218) would hold a quarter-of-a-second advantage over the ever quick Jules Bianchi in his Lotus ART Dallara, while Bianchi was one of several drivers that peaked with 36 laps in the morning.

Ericsson squeezed ahead of Dani Clos come the lunchtime curfew, the Spaniard trailing Ericsson by six-hundredths, although both would be pleased the amount of running they achieved.
It would be Ericsson’s iSport team mate, Sam Bird in 5th spot, some four-tenths down on Vietoris after a 29 lap session and like the quicker iSport runner, Bird would possess a tiny advantage over the nearest runners. In fact, Bird pipped Charles Pic (6th, Barwa Addax), Romain Grosjean (7th, DAMS) and Giedo van der Garde (8h, Barwa Addax) by one tenth.
Jolyon Palmer was one of the few that claimed 36 laps on his way to 9th on the sheets. The ex-Formula 2 racer finished ahead of Carlin’s Max Chilton – the Briton was the first to dip into the 1:41’s, leaving him on the perimetre of the top-ten.
Interesting, the morning alone saw five red flags, with the final one happening just prior to clock running out.

Ericsson would not be beaten in the afternoon, although he did leave it late, with a quickest Silverstone tour of 1:40.154 – two-tenths clear of Bianchi (again).
As with the morning, Bianchi ran 36 laps and is showing himself to be a model of consistency – a factor that will make him very dangerous come the season.

Pic marginally stole 3rd ahead of Vietoris (4th), Grosjean (5th) and Gutierrez (6th, Lotus ART) as the timing screen lit up repeatedly in the final hour, although all may be dismayed to find themselves half-a-second down on Ericsson.
Carlin’s Oliver Turvey entered the top-ten with a best f 1:40.772 following a 29 lap afternoon; however the Briton had a clear two-tenths advantage over Luiz Razia (8th, Team AirAsia), Chilton (9th) and Johnny Cecotto (10th, Ocean Racing Technology).
Rookie Kevin Mirocha made the best of the track time today. Having only tested a GP2 car for the first time on Tuesday, Mirocha ran 76 laps throughout Wednesday as he continues to acclimatise himself to the series.

The GP2 Series will see one final two-day test when hits Barcelona in two weeks time. Thereafter, the serious stuff really begins.

Morning times:

Pos  Driver                   Team                        Time      Laps
 1.  Christian Vietoris       Racing Engineering          1:40.218   31
 2.  Jules Bianchi            Lotus ART                   1:40.442   36
 3.  Marcus Ericsson          iSport International        1:40.505   34
 4.  Dani Clos                Racing Engineering          1:40.562   31
 5.  Sam Bird                 iSport International        1:40.653   29
 6.  Charles Pic              Barwa Addax Team            1:40.692   33
 7.  Romain Grosjean          Dams                        1:40.711   30
 8.  Giedo van der Garde      Barwa Addax Team            1:40.760   21
 9.  Jolyon Palmer            Arden International         1:40.840   36
10.  Max Chilton              Carlin                      1:41.024   25
11.  Oliver Turvey            Carlin                      1:41.027   21
12.  Fabio Leimer             Rapax                       1:41.153   20
13.  Davide Valsecchi         Team AirAsia                1:41.183   35
14.  Michael Herck            Scuderia Coloni             1:41.271   25
15.  Esteban Gutierrez        Lotus ART                   1:41.504   31
16.  Johnny Cecotto           Ocean Racing Technology     1:41.587   22
17.  Davide Rigon             Scuderia Coloni             1:41.591   31
18.  Luiz Razia               Team AirAsia                1:41.634   22
19.  Julian Leal              Rapax                       1:41.735   28
20.  Luca Filippi             Super Nova Racing           1:41.845   21
21.  Fairuz Fauzy             Super Nova Racing           1:41.905   22
22.  Stefano Coletti          Trident Racing              1:42.000   16
23.  Josef Kral               Arden International         1:42.010   23
24.  Pal Varhaug              Dams                        1:42.064   31
25.  Kevin Mirocha            Ocean Racing Technology     1:42.092   36
26.  Rodolfo Gonzalez         Trident Racing              1:42.107   26

Afternoon times

Post Driver                   Team                        Time      Laps
 1.  Marcus Ericsson          iSport International        1:40.154   31
 2.  Jules Bianchi            Lotus ART                   1:40.322   36
 3.  Charles Pic              Barwa Addax Team            1:40.586   29
 4.  Christian Vietoris       Racing Engineering          1:40.589   38
 5.  Romain Grosjean          Dams                        1:40.623   23
 6.  Esteban Gutierrez        Lotus ART                   1:40.645   30
 7.  Oliver Turvey            Carlin                      1:40.772   29
 8.  Luiz Razia               Team AirAsia                1:40.925   33
 9.  Max Chilton              Carlin                      1:40.929   27
10.  Johnny Cecotto           Ocean Racing Technology     1:40.936   30
11.  Dani Clos                Racing Engineering          1:41.019   28
12.  Giedo van der Garde      Barwa Addax Team            1:41.032   31
13.  Pal Varhaug              Dams                        1:41.133   33
14.  Stefano Coletti          Trident Racing              1:41.241   28
15.  Michael Herck            Scuderia Coloni             1:41.346   21
16.  Davide Valsecchi         Team AirAsia                1:41.375   38
17.  Davide Rigon             Scuderia Coloni             1:41.378   32
18.  Josef Kral               Arden International         1:41.416   16
19.  Luca Filippi             Super Nova Racing           1:41.432   34
20.  Sam Bird                 iSport International        1:41.503   16
21.  Julian Leal              Rapax                       1:41.600   33
22.  Rodolfo Gonzalez         Trident Racing              1:41.701   30
23.  Fabio Leimer             Rapax                       1:41.839   38
24.  Kevin Mirocha            Ocean Racing Technology     1:41.866   40
25.  Jolyon Palmer            Arden International         1:42.012   25
26.  Fairuz Fauzy             Super Nova Racing           1:42.240   27
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