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Parc Ferme, Episode 1 with Harry Tincknell (Fortec Motorsport, British F3)

May 20, 2011


In a new feature at The Motorsport Archive, a new podcast – called “Parc Ferme” – is being launched for all to hear.

These podcasts will mainly present travels, thoughts and dealings in motorsport’s junior categories and for this first outing, where better to start than the Cooper Tyres British Formula 3 Series – a championship that I will be covering throughout 2011.

This episode gives a (very) brief overview of the season thus far and also features a brief soundbite from Carlin’s Kevin Magnussen as well a full interview with this episode’s featured driver, Harry Tincknell.

One hopes listeners can get around my Irish accent and initial nervousness, but more than that, I hope you enjoy the show.

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  1. great podcast, especially liked the interview. Tincknell came across well and they were a well constructed set of questions.

    • Leigh O'Gorman permalink

      Cheers Mav,
      Still getting used to the sound of my voice of a recording – it’s been several years since I’ve done anything like this.
      Hopefully more episodes coming soon.

  2. Good stuff Leigh, nice questions and a good interview.

  3. Well done Leigh, really enjoyed that 🙂

  4. Leigh O'Gorman permalink

    Cheers for the comments everyone,
    Am hoping to get episode 2 sorted in the next week or two.

  5. Good show, Leigh. Maybe I’ll manage to work in the Pippa episode sometime tonight before she makes her big debut tomorrow.

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