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Different Times

May 29, 2011

With the 100th anniversary of the Indianapolis fast approaching, I dug up this little piece of classic television from YouTube.

Presented by host Garry Moore, US television show, “I’ve Got A Secret”, welcomed two guests for a short piece – the first being a young AJ Foyt and the second being Ray Harroun. The object of this short was for a panel to discover who the guests were and what their “secret” was.
It is certainly a harmless little fluff piece, and one which was very typical of its time.

Broadcast on June the 1st 1961, Foyt had a week earlier won his first Indianapolis 500 ahead of Eddie Sachs and Rodger Ward, fifty years to the day after Harroun controversially claimed the inaugural race in his yellow and black Marmon Wasp machine.
While Harroun took the victory and the headlines, it is still felt by many that the race was incorrectly scored and that the real winner of 2nd place man Ralph Mulford.
In the early years of the race, an entry would have to complete the full five-hundred miles in order to be classified – as a result, David Bruce-Brown finished 3rd, nearly eleven minutes behind Harroun’s registered finish time.

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