2011 British Formula 3 Round of Brands Hatch (Rd 4, Qualifying, June 18th)

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Rupert Svendsen-Cook secured pole position for the Sunday’s British Formula 3 Feature Race at Brands Hatch.

The 20-year-old set a best of 1:17.614 in bright, but cool conditions, to give himself a 0.18 advantage over surprise front row man, Adderly Fong.
Even the Sino Vision racer was somewhat surprised at his qualifying classification.

“[I am] a bit shocked really. It’s good, really nice. The car is good. We just need to dial it back a bit for the race, so it should be good for a long run.”

Fong could be the perfect foil for Svendsen-Cook, with fellow-Carlin runners Felipe Nasr and Carlos Huertas on the second row.
Fortec’s Championship runner, Lucas Foresti, claimed the third row with teammate William Buller. Pietro Fantin and Kevin Magnussen filled out the 7th and 8th positions (respectively), although both picked up warning for exceeding the track limits.

Double R’s Scott Pye set the quick running early on. He finally secured 9th spot, just marginally quicker than and Jazeman Jaafar (10th, Carlin). Rookie Jack Harvey just missed out on pipping Jaafar and will have to settle for 11th on the grid.

Svendsen-Cook had even done enough to claim pole for the weekend’s opening race. This time the Carlin runner will need to fend off Huertas (2nd), Nasr (3rd), Buller (4th), Jaafar (5th) and Foresti (6th).
Fong set a reasonable time for the 30 minute event – the Sino Vision man will start race 1 from 7th on the grid, with Fantin alongside. The fifth row belongs to Pye and Magnussen.

Bart Hylkema (T-Sport) took another pair of Rookie Class poles, aided by Kotaru Sakurai crashing in Graham Hill bend, while on his fifth lap.

British F3 Round of Brands Hatch (Rd 4, Qualifying, Race 1)
 Pos Driver Team Time
1. Rupert Svendsen-Cook  Carlin-Volkswagen    1:17.763
2. Carlos Huertas        Carlin-Volkswagen    1:17.923
3. Felipe Nasr           Carlin-Volkswagen    1:17.924
4. William Buller        Fortec-Mercedes      1:17.964
5. Jazeman Jaafar        Carlin-Volkswagen    1:18.155
6. Lucas Foresti         Fortec-Mercedes      1:18.156
7. Adderly Fong          Sino Vision-Mercedes 1:18.219
8. Pietro Fantin         Hitech-Volkswagen    1:18.268
9. Scott Pye             Double R-Mercedes    1:18.278
10. Kevin Magnussen      Carlin-Volkswagen    1:18.281
11. Jack Harvey          Carlin-Volkswagen    1:18.390
12. Hywel Lloyd          Sino Vision-Mercedes 1:18.768
13. Menasheh Idafar      T-Sport-Volkswagen   1:18.982
14. Harry Tincknell      Fortec-Mercedes      1:18.983
15. Fahmi Ilyas          Fortec-Mercedes      1:18.984
16. Pipo Derani          Double R-Mercedes    1:19.397
17. Max Snegirev         Hitech-Volkswagen    1:19.617
18. Yann Cunha           T-Sport-Volkswagen   1:19.693
19. Bart Hylkema         T-Sport-Mugen Honda  1:20.791
20. Kotaro Sakurai       Hitech-Mugen Honda   [no time]
British F3 Round of Brands Hatch (Rd 4, Qualifying, Race 3)
 Pos Driver Team Time / Gap
 1. Rupert Svendsen-Cook Carlin-Volkswagen    1:17.614
 2. Adderly Fong         Sino Vision-Mercedes 1:17.796
 3. Felipe Nasr          Carlin-Volkswagen    1:17.873
 4. Carlos Huertas       Carlin-Volkswagen    1:17.892
 5. Lucas Foresti        Fortec-Mercedes      1:17.904
 6. William Buller       Fortec-Mercedes      1:17.938
 7. Pietro Fantin        Hitech-Volkswagen    1:17.981
 8. Kevin Magnussen      Carlin-Volkswagen    1:18.090
 9. Scott Pye            Double R-Mercedes    1:18.140
10. Jazeman Jaafar       Carlin-Volkswagen    1:18.148
11. Jack Harvey          Carlin-Volkswagen    1:18.341
12. Hywel Lloyd          Sino Vision-Mercedes 1:18.389
13. Menasheh Idafar      T-Sport-Volkswagen   1:18.736
14. Harry Tincknell      Fortec-Mercedes      1:18.905
15. Fahmi Ilyas          Fortec-Mercedes      1:18.931
16. Pipo Derani          Double R-Mercedes    1:19.239
17. Max Snegirev         Hitech-Volkswagen    1:19.356
18. Yann Cunha           T-Sport-Volkswagen   1:19.629
19. Bart Hylkema         T-Sport-Mugen Honda  1:20.471
20. Kotaro Sakurai       Hitech-Mugen Honda   1:23.903

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