More Troubles for Superleague Formula and Auto GP

This past week has been something of a downer for both the Superleague Formula and Auto GP.

The latter series yesterday announced the cancellation of its inaugural race in the Romanian capital city of Bucharest.

Situated around the city centre, the 1.9 mile circuit has previously held FIA GT’s, British Formula 3 and the Renault Dacia Logan Cup (…); however all of those events have since fallen by the wayside.
With the race promoter unable to meet the financial requirements to hold the event, combined with the lack of an FIA Grade 2 circuit license, Auto GP have had little option, but to pull the event.

It is not the first race cancellation of the season for Auto GP. Its event at Marrakech (Morocco) was also lost prior to the start of the season, although on that occasion, the Hungaroring circuit filled in the gap.
Whether the Bucharest GP is replaced remains to be seen.

As for Superleague Formula, their troubles continue. Wholesale pre-season calendar changes and a lack of entries has marred the season thus far. Even the replacement season opener, at Estoril, was also removed from the schedule with only a few weeks remaining.

This has now been compounded with the withdrawl of Smolensk Ring from the calendar.
The Russian event was due to be the third round of the season; however preparations to ready the circuit have not been completed in time, rendering the track unsuitable for the series.

Following a round in Zolder (Belgium) next month, Superleague then has a two month wait until the next event on the streets of Beijing. Two rounds in Brazil come thereafter, before an unspecified race in Qatar runs in November.
The season is due to finish in Taupo (New Zealand) in mid-December.
Prior to the season beginning, emphasis of the football connection changed from representing individual clubs to national identities, in effort to produce a “World Cup” of sorts, prompting thoughts that clubs were beginning to withdraw their support from the series.

Only six drivers had signed up to race in Superleague less that two weeks before the start of the 2011 season, with numerous signings revealed in one large announcement the day before first free practice at the first round in Assen.
Worryingly, that still only makes fourteen cars on the grid as the series heads to Belgium in a few weeks time.

One thought on “More Troubles for Superleague Formula and Auto GP

  1. Whilst I hate to see series dying there does need to be a cull in the marketplace at the largely Europe-based ‘not far below F1 but not a feeder series except it sort of is really’ level, and I have to say if I’m picking any two series to cull, it would be these two.
    Not that I have anything particularly against AutoGP as I don’t know enough about it, actually I thought it seemed quite promising.. if FR3.5 didn’t exist. Superleague on the other hand.. never been a fan.

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