Changing Faces

It can be a strange experience, but there is absolutely no denying the alteration – growth if you will.

Those under the roof of the World Series by Renault Championship are, with time and experience, becoming less recognisable.
The demeanour stoic, the temperament solidified – this truly is the art of metamorphosis in front of prying eyes.

When one matures under these pressuring glares, the language – both spoken and physical – hardens too.
Barriers arise and the chatter narrows itself to formal, more professionally considered matters. Only when a common, friendly face arrives does the defence lower its shield.
For those unused to these elements, it can all seem quite surreal.

Of course, this is not be completely unexpected. Some of those that inhabit this paddock are only a few short steps from super-stardom – a fact that Daniel Ricciardo is beginning to appreciate.

Others too are becoming more prominent and familiar. Several years ago, a number of these drivers were anonymous faces competing in the lower reaches in front of miniscule numbers.
This weekend at Silverstone saw those figures climb close to 80,000 – a number far higher than is seen at a few of Formula 1’s circuits on race day.

Eventually, for that progress toward the sport’s pinnacle, thoughts of this simple paddock and all of its periphery will become dust to the years and the fans that follow may never get close to them again.

Now, the World Series by Renault category is giving something that most other championships brands would never dream of – paddock access to the competitors and teams and all for the price of a brilliant nothing.

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