2011 British F3 Round of Silverstone (Rd 10, Qualifying, Oct 8th)

Silverstone. © Creative Commons / Junafani

Kevin Magnussen claimed pole position for the final feature race of the British Formula 3 season at Silverstone.

The Dane kept his nose ahead of Carlin teammate Carlos Huertas throughout the session, as both chopped away hundredths of a second with each lap.

Come the chequered flag, Magnussen’s best of 1:53.044 was enough for the top spot, with Huertas missing out by 0.055s.

The second row was another all-Carlin lock out. Newly crowned British Formula 3 champion, Felipe Nasr secured 3rd on the grid ahead of Rupert Svendsen Cook.
Running approximately two-tenths off of Magnussen’s pace throughout, the pair as the swapped positions with Double R’s Scott Pye, Jazeman Jaafar (Carlin) and Pietro Fantin (Hitech) before the field finally sorted itself out.
As time ticked away, Pye notched 5th with Jaafar and Fantin trailing in 7th and 9th positions respectively.

Late efforts from Lucas Foresti (Fortec) and GP3 regular Mitch Evans (Double R) gave them the outside of rows three and four, with Fortec’s Will Buller 10th.
The best Carlin’s Jack Harvey could manage was 11th, alongside full-time GP3 competitor, Alexander Sims.

Kevin Magnussen also assumes the top spot for the opening race of the weekend. Teammate Felipe Nasr accompanies the Dane on the first row, with Double-R’s Scott Pye breaking the Carlin party up front.
Rupert Svendsen-Cook scored 4th on the grid, just ahead of Carlos Huertas (5th) and Pietro Fantin (6th).

British F3 Round of Silverstone (Rd 10, Qualifying Times, Race 1)
Pos Driver Team Time
 1. Kevin Magnussen      Carlin-Volkswagen    1m53.045s
 2. Felipe Nasr          Carlin-Volkswagen    1m53.254s 
 3. Scott Pye            Double R-Mercedes    1m53.287s 
 4. Rupert Svendsen-Cook Carlin-Volkswagen    1m53.347s 
 5. Carlos Huertas       Carlin-Volkswagen    1m53.364s 
 6. Pietro Fantin        Hitech-Volkswagen    1m53.506s 
 7. Jazeman Jaafar       Carlin-Volkswagen    1m53.563s 
 8. Mitch Evans          Double R-Mercedes    1m53.582s 
 9. Jack Harvey          Carlin-Volkswagen    1m53.724s  
10. Lucas Foresti        Fortec-Mercedes      1m53.780s  
11. William Buller       Fortec-Mercedes      1m53.784s  
12. Alexander Sims       Motopark-Volkswagen  1m53.940s  
13. Hywel Lloyd          Sino Vision-Mercedes 1m54.090s  
14. Fahmi Ilyas          Fortec-Mercedes      1m54.377s  
15. Pipo Derani          Double R-Mercedes    1m54.392s  
16. Maxim Snegirev       Hitech-Volkswagen    1m54.467s  
17. Harry Tincknell      Fortec-Mercedes      1m54.558s  
18. Menasheh Idafar      T-Sport-Volkswagen   1m54.640s  
19. Bart Hylkema         T-Sport-Volkswagen   1m55.057s  
20. Yann Cunha           T-Sport-Volkswagen   1m55.058s  
21. Guilherme Silva      Hitech-Volkswagen    1m55.295s  
22. Adderly Fong         Sino Vision-Mercedes 1m55.354s  
23. Kotaro Sakurai       Hitech-Mugen Honda   1m57.731s 

British F3 Round of Silverstone (Rd 10, Qualifying Times, Race 3)
 Pos Driver Team Time
 1. Kevin Magnussen      Carlin-Volkswagen    1:53.044
 2. Carlos Huertas       Carlin-Volkswagen    1:53.099
 3. Felipe Nasr          Carlin-Volkswagen    1:53.241
 4. Rupert Svendsen-Cook Carlin-Volkswagen    1:53.274
 5. Scott Pye            Double R-Mercedes    1:53.279
 6. Lucas Foresti        Fortec-Mercedes      1:53.332
 7. Jazeman Jaafar       Carlin-Volkswagen    1:53.360
 8. Mitch Evans          Double R-Mercedes    1:53.384
 9. Pietro Fantin        Hitech-Volkswagen    1:53.413
10. Will Buller          Fortec-Mercedes      1:53.622
11. Jack Harvey          Carlin-Volkswagen    1:53.700
12. Alexander Sims       Motopark-Volkswagen  1:53.827
13. Hywel Lloyd          Sino Vision-Mercedes 1:54.066
14. Fahmi Ilyas          Fortec-Mercedes      1:54.144
15. Max Snegirev         Hitech-Volkswagen    1:54.295
16. Pipo Derani          Double R-Mercedes    1:54.302
17. Harry Tincknell      Fortec-Mercedes      1:54.348
18. Menasheh Idafar      T-Sport-Volkswagen   1:54.633
19. Bart Hylkema         T-Sport-Volkswagen   1:54.692
20. Yann Cunha           T-Sport-Volkswagen   1:54.914
21. Adderly Fong         Sino Vision-Mercedes 1:55.042
22. Guilherme Silva      Hitech-Volkswagen    1:55.118
23. Kotaro Sakurai       Hitech-Mugen Honda   1:57.565

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