Shivering in the Cold

Following the last British Formula 3 race of the season today, I had to bolt it out of the circuit shortly afterward to make the train.

Thankfully, I was able to get a quick chat to the podium drivers Carlos Huertas and Kevin Magnussen, while shivering somewhat outside the media centre. Sometimes the podiums celebrations can take a while to unfold – today was no different and after a few brief words, we bid our goodbyes and moved on.

Roaming down the inside of the centre, 3rd place man Rupert Svendsen-Cook was the last to leave, seemingly happy with his result, but a little downhearted with his final Championship position of 5th.
There is the possibility that these three will be moving onto pastures a new next season, whether that be World Series by Renault or GP2 and I wish them all the best in their endeavours.

After a speedy session posting the race report, there was little time to transcribe the interviews – alas, the trip from Northampton to London gave me an opportunity to relax and type some more bits and bobs that were missed earlier on.
But for now, some tea and toast is required, followed by a long, long sleep.

Carlos Huertas:
Qualified P2; Race Winner

“I had a good start and I think in the last few laps, Kevin and I were a bit conservative, just trying not to make any mistakes and was just pushing every lap. I did a race run on the test here last week, so I kind of knew what to expect. The pace was really good and it is a great way to finish the season.
I would’ve wanted the win and 2nd place, but unfortunately yesterday wasn’t such a good day for me and next year we’ll see.”

Kevin Magnussen:
Qualified Pole; Race P2

“It was about just trying to keep as close as possible, to try and get a mistake from him, but unfortunately it didn’t come. I’m happy for [Huertas] to end three years without winning and happy that he finally got it.
There weren’t any possibilities. I was quite a bit quicker than him, but was always in his tow, but it made it difficult, because my tyres wore out more than his. I had fastest lap as well, I had that over the three races and I finished 2nd in the championship, so I’m pretty satisfied.”

Rupert Svendsen-Cook:
Qualified P4; Race P3

“I qualified well, but when I had the brake failure in yesterday’s first race, it really ruined my weekend. It was gutting really, because what chance is there to fight when I have no rear brakes. That race was ruined and I had to start from the back this morning, which ruined that race as well, so today I knew I had to maximise the main race and to finish on the podium shows that I was pushing.
I had to drop [Foresti]. I was a lot quicker than him, but it’s hard to follow close in the fast corners, as with Kevin and Carlos, but Lucas made a mistake when pushing hard. He locked up a bit and I showed my nose and he went wide and I was able to get past. Once I was past, it was about catching the group in front and I think I was, but not enough to make up the gap.”

“I’m not too happy with where I finished in the Championship, because it doesn’t really reflect the pace I have. The engine misfires, the brake failure yesterday – without all these problems, then I’m sure we would have had a great championship result, but this is what happens and when everything has worked, I think I’ve shown my true potential.
I tested [a GP2 car] last week, which went really well. I was really comfortable in the car and really confident, but it’s a big financial step, so to be honest, I do not know where I go from here.”

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