Sergio Campana leads opening Auto GP test

Monza. © Creative Commons / Will Pittenger

Reigning Italian Formula 3 champion Sergio Campana topped the opening pre-season Auto GP test at Monza on Friday.

The Italian topped the sheets with a best lap of 1:36.875, giving Campana an advantage of one-tenth over 16-year-old Sergey Sirotkin.

Campana and Sirotkin were the only drivers to break into the 1:36’s, with former DAMS GP2 racer Pal Verhaug next up.
His best lap – 1:37.141 – ensured the Norwegian pilot had secured 3rd ahead of the morning’s fastest man, Victor Guerin.
Facundo Regalia and Giacomo Ricci filled out the top six, as the gap to the quickest stretched to half-a-second.

It was the series’ first day of official running on Kumho tyres, with the morning dedicated to soft rubber on a “green” track, before the hard compounds were run late on.
Cooler temperatures and a new series of soft tyres in the late afternoon allowed the times to tumble further.

Pos Driver Team Time Gap
  1.  Sergio Campana       MLR71        1m36.875s
  2.  Sergey Sirotkin      Euronova     1m36.970s  + 0.095s
  3.  Pal Varhaug          Virtuosi UK  1m37.141s  + 0.266s
  4.  Victor Guerin        SuperNova    1m37.157s  + 0.282s
  5.  Facundo Regalia      Campos       1m37.303s  + 0.428s
  6.  Giacomo Ricci        Zele         1m37.442s  + 0.567s
  7.  Adrian Quaife-Hobbs  SuperNova    1m37.554s  + 0.679s
  8.  Giuseppe Cipriani    Campos       1m37.699s  + 0.824s
  9.  Zoel Amberg          Virtuosi UK  1m38.463s  + 1.588s
 10.  Daniel de Jong       Manor MP     1m38.669s  + 1.794s
 11.  Max Snegirev         Campos       1m38.830s  + 1.955s
 12.  Antonio Spavone      Euronova     1m38.873s  + 1.998s
 13.  Giancarlo Serenelli  Ombra        1m39.558s  + 2.683s
 14.  Michele la Rosa      MLR71        1m40.526s  + 3.651s
 15.  Camilo Zurcher       Ombra        1m41.672s  + 4.797s
^ Notes compiled from series / team reports and live updates.

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