“Art in Formula 1 and motorsport”

© Ferrari Store, Regent Street

Installation art and Formula 1 are not the most common of bedfellows, but for the next two weeks, the Ferrari Store on Regent Street, London are challenging that notion.

Coinciding with the London Festival of Architecture, an innovative and unique design adorns the front of the shop, thanks to a display created by Feix and Merlin architects.

Drawing upon the idea of a racing machine inside a windtunnel, the piece re-imagines ripped patterns of air, as depicted with entwined ribbons and shadowy neon lights, creating the outlines of a Formula 1 car in one window and a GT machine in another.

The project theme – entitled “Play” – was commissioned in support of the Royal Institute of British Architect’s Regent Street Window Project. It will remain on display until the close of business on Sunday May 6th.

© Paul Chenard

Other fantastic artists exist in the wide world of motorsport – one of the most prolific being Paul Chenard of the website Automobiliart.

The Canadian artist has spent several years completing numerous pencil drawings of historic motorsport events, machinery and the pilots who drove them.
In 2011, Chenard released his first publication, “Silver Clouds: The 1934 Grand Prix Season” – a series of artworks detailing a frantic year of change in motorsport.In an e-mail, Chenard told me that this was his first book, but this was more a work of art than a mere book.

Everything about the quality of the work told of a deep love for the subject; whether it be the thorough research, the exquisite detail or the sumptuous drawings inside – “Silver Clouds” was a simply stunning achievement.
I am led to believe that Chenard is currently working on a similar project detailing the 1986 Grand Prix season – frankly, I cannot wait to see the results.

© Ferrari Store, Regent Street

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  1. Thanks Leigh, I’m flattered!
    I’ve changed the subject of my next book, which is now covering the traumatic 1982 season.
    I’m almost finished my research, and will soon start putting words down.

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