“New GP3 car takes first steps”

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The opening test for the second generation GP3 car got underway at France’s Magny Cours circuit last week.

It follows on from the initial shakedown run at the Autodromo Ricardo Paletti in Vairano, Italy at the beginning of the month.

Starting with engine and gearbox management, the new car – titled the GP3/13 – pounded around the French circuit for two days, with series test driver – former GP2 racer – Ben Hanley at the controls.

Future tests will set to determine car performance strategies, with a focus on aerodynamics and weight distribution, ensuring that wind tunnel figures match’s data collected on track.

Renault are to remain the sole engine supplier for the series, although power output will receive a significant boost.
Current GP3 machinery utilise 2.0 litre I4 engine units with 280hp; however this is to be upped to V6 motors with approximately 400hp. It is believed the extra power could take up to three seconds off of lap times* at “standard circuits”.
The new car also sounds a hell of lot better than the series’ current machine, which sounds much like a lawnmower with a headache.

Aside from the power units, the new car will come with an updated engine cover and sidepods, while the nose of the GP3/13 car will also see some modifications.

The GP3/13 will be officially unveiled at the finale of the current season at Monza.

* {note 1}
No tests have been carried out on current tracks, so any notes about laptimes are likely to be complete nonsense.

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