“Di Grassi records eye-level lap of Spa-Francorchamps”

Yesterday, Pirelli F1 tyre tester Lucas di Grassi released a marvellous on board video of a lap of the famous Spa-Francorchamps circuit – with a difference.

The ex-Virgin F1 racer lapped the circuit during a wet weather test with an inner helmet cam, situated a near eye-level.

Following the release of the video, the Brazilian noted on his official YouTube page that he:

“…had to drive with only one eye open as the camera was blocking my other eye, quite tricky.”

Although the tricky conditions meant di Grassi could not simply nail it, the video is still an impressive indication of the subtleties needed to pilot modern Formula 1 machinery.
With his wet Pirelli tyres struggling for grip, di Grassi can be seen having to make minor corrections at the wheel of a 2010-spec Renault R30 F1 car on a number of occasions – sometimes at speeds close to 250 kph. Di Grassi’s effort would be a tough task in the dry, let alone on Spa-Francorchamp’s notorious damp roads.

It proved to be an important test on a circuit that will continue to enjoy life at the top beyond this season, following reports that emerged last week indicating Spa-Francorchamps had signed a deal to keep the Belgian Grand Prix until 2015.
Initially, it was thought that the circuit might alternate its slot with France’s Paul Ricard circuit; however those talks collapsed following the recent elections in France.

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