“The Ballerina Stunt”

In recent years, the growth of understanding of modern social media has seen a wholesale shift in how company’s approach potential consumers, whether individual or corporate.

Where savvy little ditty’s and jaunty videos were at one time considered good enough vehicle’s to entice audiences, time and technology has moved on.

The advent of high speed broadband connections have enabled content producers to spread their wings somewhat and The Motorsport Archive is not saying simple ideas are being left behind; they may more often be shadowed by extravagance.

One such piece of overblown film work comes from Volvo Trucks who’s latest viral, “The Ballerina Stunt”, makes Red Bull’s high octane efforts appear quaint.
In an attempt to “…demonstrate the precision and control of the new Volvo FH series…”, two trucks headed toward down a motorway at high speed, while World Champion Slackliner Faith Dickey walks crosses between the lorries on an outstretched rope.

Quite simply, the viral is stunning produced and beautifully filmed and ensures the slick control of the FH lorries’ is drawn upon during the video.

While this viral has no connection to motorsport per se, it does go some way to showcasing how serious automotive bodies are taking this burgeoning outlet for product promotion.

Naturally, there will be folks out there screaming “faaaaaake”, but who cares when it is so well done. Good work Volvo, says I.

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