“2012 Formula 3 Grand Prix of Macau highlights”

Fresh from process of Sergio Perez – the director and editor, not the Formula One racing driver – is a brief highlights reel of this year’s Formula 3 Grand Prix of Macau.

The video was shot by Perez with Aries Lou Weng Wa and Palmiro Rosário, while the opening scenes were taken by Simon Ma. Production assistants were Ma and Ho Yat Yu.

Coming in at bang on three minutes, the edit was shot on Red Epic, Canon C300, Canon 1DX and Gopro cameras with Canon still lenses.
All depictions of competition (easy to spot due to the granny nature of the footage) were taken from the local broadcast. Commentary was by Alan Hyde supported by WEC racer Danny Watts.

For more of Sergio Perez’ material, you can check out his Vimeo channel at this link.

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