“Thanks. Let’s do it again next year.”

And thus 2012 finally ground to a beautiful halt.

One can’t let the end of the year pass without relaying a highly appreciative “thank you” to all those who have helped out during a brilliant and busy year.

Whether it be those who dropped well learned pieces of advice, those who have been a deep well of excitement and enthusiasm and those who were perpetually bright, you’ve all been rather mega.
To those who have read TheMotorsportArchive.com and put up with my nonsensical ramblings on a regular basis, you are extraordinary.

Things have been interesting; things have been really good; things have been a relative success, so why bother complaining about the salad when the dessert is tasty?

Let’s do this again next year, shall we?
Good stuff.

Have fun and frolics at just the right speed,

{note 1}
My favourite moment of the 2012 season?
Possibly when a taxi driver gave me a high speed lap of the Pau street circuit after Thursday practice or when hearing the sound of Formula One machinery at Spa, as they pummelled down the hill exiting La Source, before swinging up toward Eau Rouge.
That look of sheer unabated delight on Daniel Abt’s face as his GP3 Series season really pulled together so magically toward the end of the season.
Or probably when I watched a trio of very plastered DTM fans trying and failing to steal a set tyres at Hockenheim. Excellent and very funny.
Maybe all three of them.

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